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Viral picture of Palestinian people is AI Generated, Here's Fact Check Report
Published : Nov 9, 2023, 5:36 pm IST
Updated : Nov 9, 2023, 5:36 pm IST
AI Deepfake Viral Photo News
AI Deepfake Viral Photo News

Investigation: Spokesman found that the viral pic is created with the help of AI 

AI Deepfake Viral Photo News: Thousands of video-images have gone viral on social media regarding the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine. Inevitably, misleading and false claims also went viral in this series. Now in the midst of this war, a picture is going viral in which a family can be seen eating food sitting around demolished buildings. The spirit of the Palestinian people is being praised by claiming that this photo is from Palestine.

X account "shahid siddiqui" shared the viral picture and wrote, "You can't kill the desire to live, share and rebuild. No bombs can destroy the Palestinian spirit."


Spokesman in his investigation found that the picture going viral is created with the help of AI and not a real picture. This viral post is misleading.


-- Spokesman's Investigation

At the beginning of the investigation, we first looked carefully at this picture. We found this image to be fishy. The feet, hands and faces of the people seen in this picture are completely different from normal looking people. No face is clearly visible in this picture which makes it clear that the viral picture is created with the help of

Afterwards, we went ahead and checked this image on This website checks the pictures and gives clarity whether a picture is created by AI or not.  This image received a 99% AI generated rating from this website.



Hence, It is clear that the viral image was created with the help of AI.

How can AI or Deepfake be identified?


Unnatural Eye Movements: Look for unnatural eye movements, such as no blinking or erratic movements.?

- Mismatches in Color and Lighting: Notice mismatches in color and lighting between the face and the background.?

- Audio Quality: Compare and contrast audio quality and see if it matches the lip movements.?

- Visual Inconsistencies: Analyze visual inconsistencies, such as strange body shape or movement, artificial facial movements, unnatural positioning of facial features, or awkward posture or physique.?

- Reverse Image Search: Reverse image search the video or the person to see if they are real or not.?

- Video Metadata: Inspect video metadata and see if it has been altered or edited.?

- Deepfake Detection Tools: Use deepfake detection tools, such as online platforms or browser extensions, that can flag suspicious videos.

Conclusion- Spokesman in his investigation found that the picture going viral is created with the help of AI and not a real picture. This viral post is misleading.




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