Founding and Funding

The digital wing of Rozana Spokesman is an independent journalistic initiative under Green Media, a private limited company registered in India and founded in 2016. Green Media does not receive any funding, sponsorship, or donations from any state government, politicians, or political parties. We also do not receive any funding from foreign sources. To ensure unbiased and truthful news coverage, we follow a strict non-partisanship policy that prevents undue influence on our organization.

The company generates revenue from social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook and our website too. We also earn through external advertisements from corporates, local brands, and other clientele. We are a top production house, and regularly produce videos and content for various organizations, corporates, and the state government. None of these exert pressure on our ability to select, produce and disseminate content of our choice that is in line with our journalistic ideals. Our journalistic/digital news branch is independent of our production arm and has no impact on our editorial independence. Green Media fully complies with all company, and associated accounting and taxation policies, regulations, or laws. We also fully comply with GDPR laws on data privacy.