People's voice on government report card
Published : Mar 21, 2018, 3:54 pm IST
Updated : Mar 21, 2018, 3:54 pm IST

People's voice on government report card

About a year ago, 10 years after Congress came to power, Congress made many promises with the people of Punjab. Some of these have been completed while some are incomplete. Daily Spokesman went to different villages and towns in Punjab and wanted to know from the public that how they feels after the Congress government came under Captain Amarinder Singh's leadership.

Introducing a conversation with some people.


What are the promises of the Punjab government?

Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh had made many promises with the people of Punjab before the 2018 Vidhan Sabha elections, for which Captain government is making a lot of efforts to fulfill. The Punjab Congress government, led by Capt. Amarinder Singh, has been completed one year and the Punjab Congress government is trying hard to fulfill its demands. The Punjab Congress had promised to completely stop the supply, distribution and consumption of narcotics in the second issue of its manifesto. Capt Amarinder Singh took oath in the hands of 'Gutka Sahib' at Bathinda rally during campaigning of Punjab assembly elections that in the first four weeks of conquest of Punjab, Punjab will be made intoxicant-free. When Captain Amarinder Singh came to power, he has also told about breaking the white mark.

Unemployment has grown up in the state of Punjab and from time to time, the government reassures the people of Punjab to end unemployment with their different promises. The Punjab Congress had made a similar promise to the people of Punjab before the elections and promised to provide 'home-based employment' in the third issue of their manifesto, but the Captain Government should give employment to them till one year's completion. The first phase of this promise has not been fulfilled due to which the unemployed people of Punjab are facing upset.


Government steps to fulfill the promises. What people has to say about employment?

Punjab government is doing a very big job, it seems that the expectations will be fulfilled. The job promise of every house was false. There was a lara for voting.Capt Amarinder Singh had filed the form before the elections. The cards were issued that would give jobs to the unemployed, but nothing has yet been done. How can the state government give jobs if the jobs are not with the Center? The boys of Punjab do not get a job. On the streets roam freely like cattle. The government is taking out the contractual employees instead of getting them regular. Where the government is losing old employment, where will it give new jobs? High education seekers are looking for a job and they can not even get it. For a year the government could do whatever it was able to do. Employment will increase when the fund increases. The feedback that was made earlier in Job Fair showed that fools are making them. The person who does the job wanders unemployed and gives jobs to the 40-45 percent point taker. It is being said that the system will be updated.

People said about drug abuse There has been more restrictions on drugs than in the past, in the past, drug abuse was common, there was unhealthy diarrhea at home. What the government said in the manifesto is not complete, if you talk about drug addiction, but it has become expensive. No less, alcohol has been cheaper than before. Everywhere a drug dealer is selling drugs at home Nothing has changed. Yes, in the first place when the government came in, there was a lot of restriction but now it has decreased sharply. Everything is being sold in the villages Opium, Smack, and Bhuki are all openly selling. When the Captain government is formed, there has been a lot of restraint on drugs. Good things are going on, it will take a while. After four or five years, a good time will come back. By the end of one year, the Captain government is constantly working to fulfill its commitment to drug addiction. The drug was already there and is still there. Everything is the same as before. They say that it has decreased from the first but still goes on drugs are sold.


What did people say about basmati debt?  

Nothing has been forgiven, the governments simply summarize. Viva had said at the time that I will forgive the debt but nothing happened. The farmers have become upheld and now the Conscience does not worry about the debt. The farmers have full hopes for the government that the Captain's government will waive all their debt. The government has waived debt with societies Poor debt is only waived. Not only a poor farmer but also a rich farmer.

What is the farmer's debts now known to anyone, what does the government do to him? Step rate step is done. It is said that the government is waiving debt, but we have not yet had any problem in our village. Yes, but there were lists of nearby villages. I forgive farm loans, but I have not done anything yet. If someone has done it too little. Captain Sahib is a great person. It's time to correct the previous government's actions. Farmers are getting benefit, the government is working, let's do the same. It was for everyone that if they did not repay their debt, they would be forgiven, but the government did not waive the debt and the farmers did not even fill it. Not a single promise has been fulfilled. No debt is waived, neither did Modi do nor the Congress did. We were killed.


What does people has to say about Hooliganism?

Sincerity is decreasing, peace is becoming more and more peaceful. Police administration is working. There is a general public hearing. There is a difference with the Congress government. Captain is a very good person. The policeman is standing at the place, it does not matter. One takes away someone's purse, someone stabs someone. The government should tie up these plundering-hooves There is a lot of coercion happening, but crime has increased. Hooliganism is decreasing. You see yourself, kill Gounder and many other gangsters are surrendering, it is a difference. Shortly before when the state of Punjab was affected by the issue of Sirsa issue, according to the strict instructions of the Punjab Government, the Punjab police has taken good action. The toll free number provided for the convenience of the people and no one raises. Minimum complaints of people are registered. The lawand order situation is not good, people are crossing the bright red lights. There is no specific provision from the police. The police have done the rigors, now the boys, as before, do not stand at the usual turning point.


Written BySurkhaab Chann


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