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Major Relief to Train Passengers as Ferozepur Railway Restores Canceled Trains Amid Flood Recession
Published : Jul 19, 2023, 2:22 pm IST
Updated : Jul 19, 2023, 2:22 pm IST

Normalcy Returns to Rail Travel with Full Restoration of 19 Canceled Trains After Severe Flooding in Ferozepur

FEROZEPUR: In a significant development, Ferozepur Railway has successfully restored 19 previously canceled trains that were disrupted due to waterlogging and flood situations in the state. The restoration comes as a welcome relief to passengers who had faced inconveniences during the suspension of train services in the affected areas.

Railway authorities had taken precautionary measures and canceled several trains to ensure passenger safety in view of the severe waterlogging and flood situation in the region. DRM. Seema Sharma, Divisional Railway Manager, confirmed that a total of 14 ordinary trains operating between Ferozepur, Jalandhar, and Hoshiarpur have been fully reinstated from Wednesday. Additionally, 7 mail/express trains, which were rerouted due to track waterlogging, have also resumed their regular routes on the same day.


The list of restored trains includes:

(04637) Jalandhar to Ferozepur
(06968) Ferozepur to Jalandhar
(06967) Jalandhar to Ferozepur
(19223) Ahmedabad to Jammu Tawi
(19225) Jodhpur to Jammu Tawi
(19226) Jodhpur to Jammu Tawi
(19416) Katra to Ahmedabad
(13308) Ferozepur to Dhanbad, operational from Monday
(13307) Dhanbad to Ferozepur, departed from Dhanbad on Sunday

Furthermore, the following trains have also been restored:


(04170) Ferozepur to Jalandhar
(04598) Jalandhar to Hoshiarpur
(04597) Hoshiarpur to Jalandhar
(04169) Jalandhar to Ferozepur
(06966) Ferozepur to Jalandhar
(04638) Ferozepur to Jalandhar
(06963) Jalandhar to Ferozepur
(04634) Ferozepur to Jalandhar
(06965) Jalandhar to Ferozepur
(06964) Ferozepur to Jalandhar
(04633) Jalandhar to Ferozepur, all back on track from Tuesday.

The restoration of train services is expected to bring immense relief to passengers who rely on these routes for their daily commute and travel needs. With normal operations resumed, travelers can now plan their journeys without disruptions caused by recent weather-related challenges. Ferozepur Railway has expressed its gratitude to passengers for their patience during the temporary suspensions and has assured that necessary precautions will continue to be taken to safeguard passenger well-being in any unforeseen circumstances.



Location: India, Punjab




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