SPS launches varchasva awards on doctors day

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

SPS Hospitals Ludhiana on 01st July 2018 celebrated Doctor’s Day by inviting key doctors from the city of Ludhiana...

The event was graced by MLA Surender Davar

SPS Hospitals Ludhiana on 01st July 2018 celebrated Doctor’s Day by inviting key doctors from the city of Ludhiana and neighbouring areas to attend the celebration of achievements of exemplars of the medical field. It was an effort to recognise their hard-work of compassionate and duty-bound service provided by the doctors. The event was graced by MLA Surender Davar, who honoured the award recipients selected by the jury, with a unique trophy highlighting their achievements.

The event was sprinkled with musical performances of Jazz and Sufi music by Zero Gravity and Manraj Pattar. Speaking on the occasion Dr. Ajay Angirish highlighted the ideation behind the Varchasva Awards as being derived from the Sanskrit word VARCHASVA which denotes and means regnant process of achieving superiority, which holds true in the lives of our doctors, who strive to make the world a better place by polishing their craft and providing relief to all without any bias of caste, creed, gender, religion or color.

The awards were awarded in the following categories;

Clinical Excellence - Dr. NJS Malhi and Dr. Venus Bansal,  Clinical Excellence - Dept. of Neonatology,  Best Team Players - Dr. Vikas Bansal & Dr. Chanchal Gera, Technologically Innovative - Dr. Ashish Gupta & Dr. Sukhdeep Singh Jhawar, Patient Service Excellence - Dr. Rahul Bansal & Dr. Anureet Gill, Best Penmanship -Dr. Rahul Bhan & Dr. Jastinder Gill, Surgical Excellence - Dr. Rajeev Kapila & Dr. Harpreet Singh Jolly,

Rising Stars - Dr. Harpal Singh, Dr. Gursimran Kaur, Dr. Ravninder Singh Kuka & Dr. Tania Mahal, Partners of Trust - Dept. Of Anaesthesia, Path to Glory - Kidney Transplant Team, Golden Stethoscope - Dr. Gurpreet Singh, Beacon of Leadership - Dr. Gurcharan Awasthi & Dr. Kumkum Awasthi. 

SPS Student Scholarship Announced for underprivileged children;

On this auspicious occasion, a special scholarship worth INR 3,00,000/- was announced to support the educational aspirations of 10 selected underprivileged children shortlisted by the jury of SPS Hospitals Ludhiana, the cheque for which was unveiled at Varchasva 2018.