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Punjab Budget 2024 Focuses on Agriculture, Education and Health, Know All About It
Published : Mar 5, 2024, 9:33 am IST
Updated : Mar 5, 2024, 4:53 pm IST
Punjab Budget 2024 LIVE: Finance Min Harpal Cheema presents State Budget; Know All About It
Punjab Budget 2024 LIVE: Finance Min Harpal Cheema presents State Budget; Know All About It

It's Punjab Government's third budget today.

Punjab Budget 2024 Session LIVE Updates, Harpal Cheema Speech Today: Punjab's Finance Minister Harpal Singh Cheema on Tuesday presented the state's third budget today during the budget session in Punjab's Vidhan Sabha. 

The Finance Minister Harpal Singh Cheema presented the budget of Rs 2,04,918 for 2024-25. 


Punjab Budget 2024 Session LIVE Updates, Harpal Cheema Speech Today:


  • Annual tax revenue has increased by 13% by 2022-24
  • The Punjab Finance Minister highlighted several initiatives taken by the Punjab Government.
  • "Centre did not give Rs 8,000 crore of Punjab's fund."
  • Finance Minister presents budget of Rs 2,04,918 crore
  • The Effective Revenue Deficit and Fiscal Deficit are expected to be 2.77% and 3.80%, respectively and have improved from the previous figures of 3.13% and 4.12%, respectively.
  • Budget of Rs 13,784 crore for agriculture and farmer welfare
  • A fund of Rs 575 crore will be given for crop diversification 
  • As per the Advanced Estimates provided by the Directorate of Statistics, Punjab is growing at a rate of 9.41% in the current year and the GSDP stands at Rs 7,36,423 crore. The GSDP has been estimated to grow at 9% to Rs 8,02,701 crore in FY 2024-25.
  • In the current year, up to January, Punjab's Own Tax Revenue has grown by 12%.


  • An allocation of ₹13,784 crore has been earmarked for the agriculture and allied sectors in the next financial year.
  •  Proposal of an allocation of ₹575 crore in FY 2024-25 for various Crop Diversification Schemes.
  • The new initiative — Punjab Horticulture Advancement and Sustainable Entrepreneurship (PHASE) — is to improve product quality and develop horticulture crop clusters in major production zones for which suitable allocation has been made in the Budget.
  • Allocated Rs 9,330 crore in FY 2024-25 towards power subsidy for agriculture.
  • About the depleting groundwater problem, 114 out of 150 blocks have already been declared as dark zones.
  • A budgetary outlay of  Rs 194 crore for soil and water conservation, including proposals to undertake two new NABARD projects for providing financial assistance to farmers for laying underground pipelines for irrigation.
  • "Mission Phulkari has been started to train village-level artisans with the latest craftsmanship techniques by the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi, and to enable them to sell their products through various e-commerce platforms.
  • Rs 467 crore has been released to Sugarcane farmers during the current year and an allocation of Rs 390 crore has been earmarked in FY 2024-25 in this regard.
  • SUGARFED has started its first 14 MW Co-Gen plant operated through Paddy straw at Bhogpur Co-operative Sugar Mill and a new Ethanol project at Gurdaspur Co-operative Sugar Mill is proposed for which an initial budgetary support of Rs 24 crore has been made in FY 2024-25.
  • Rs 50 crore allocated in FY 2024-25 for computerization of State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank and Primary Agricultural Co-operative Societies (PACS).
  • To enact wildlife mitigation measures, a new project "Establishment of Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Scheme" for undertaking mitigation activities is proposed to be undertaken in FY 2024-25.
  • An allocation of ₹263 crore has been provided in FY 2024-25 for supporting forestry efforts.


  • Regularization of 12,316 teachers, recruitment of 9,518 teachers, skill upgradation of Principals and Headmasters, improvement of security and safety measures in schools, installation of more than 12,000 internet connections, around 4,300 toilets in the schools repaired and timely delivery of books to our students, among others have been our hallmarks.
  • A budgetary outlay of Rs 16,987 crore in FY 2024-25 for the Education sector which is around 11.5% of the Total Expenditure.
  • 118 Government schools will be undergoing their transformation into state-of-the-art Schools of Eminence and 14 Schools of Eminence have already been started. An allocation of 100 crore is proposed in FY 2024-25 for this purpose.
  • Punjab Government proposes to transform 100 government senior secondary schools into "Schools of Brilliance". To start with, an initial allocation of 10 crore has been earmarked in FY 2024-25 for this purpose. This scheme aims to elevate education quality and transform: these rural schools into centers of learning for classes 6 to 12.
  • Further, with a view of developing skills including technical skills in students, to enable them to earn a livelihood, we propose to establish "The School of Applied Learning with an initial provision of 10 crores in FY 2024-25. In the first phase, Hi-tech vocational labs will be constructed in 40 schools.
  • To create a nurturing learning environment for young students aged 3 to 11, we propose to transform 100 primary government schools into "Schools of Happiness". The focus would be on providing well-ventilated classrooms, dedicated play areas, resource rooms, and activity corners. For the inception of this scheme, ₹10 crore has been provisioned in FY 2024-25.
  • Punjab Government proposes to launch "Mission Samrath" to imbibe essential skills to primary and upper primary students with a proposed allocation of 10 crore in FY 2024-25.
  • Punjab Government proposes to launch "Mission Samrath" to imbibe essential skills to primary and upper primary students with a proposed allocation of 10 crore in FY 2024-25.
  • Punjab would continue to support the existing educational schemes. The proposed allocations are outlined below:
    (i) Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan: ₹1,593 crore;
    (ii) For providing Mid-Day Meals to 16.35 lakh students: 467 crore;
    (iii) For free books, repair and maintenance of schools: ₹140 crore:
    (iv) For upgradation of infrastructure and installation of roof-top solar panels in Government Schools: ₹160 crore;
    (v) Financial Support for Upkeep of Government Schools: Rs 82 crore;
    (vi) For providing uniforms to pre-primary students: Rs 35 crore; and
    (vii) Punjab Young Entrepreneur Programme: Rs 15 crore.
  • AAP Government proposes the following allocations for Higher Education in FY 2024-25:
    (i) Rashtriya Uchchattar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA): ₹80 crore;
    (ii) For improvement of infrastructure; sports facilities; libraries; skill orientation Programmes: 10 crore,
    (iii) CM Scholarship for concession in University Fee: Rs 6 crores; and
    (iv) For providing Sanitary Napkins: Rs 5 crore.
  • 5 Government Polytechnic colleges for Girls have been converted into co-educational institutes, enhancing admissions and facilitating optimal utilization of infrastructure. Under the Dual System of Training, 180 MOUs are operational, and 2,760 students have been trained. Furthermore, additional courses will be introduced in the existing Polytechnics based on local demand. An allocation of Rs 525 crore is proposed in FY 2024-25 to support future efforts of the Technical Education department.
  • State Cancer Institute at Government Medical College, Amritsar for Rs 114 crore, and the Tertiary Cancer Center at Fazilka for Rs 45 crore have been constructed.
  • "CM Di Yogshala" at Guru Ravidas Ayurveda University, Hoshiarpur has also been established.
  • Construction of a burn unit; multi-story residences for senior- -junior residents and other employees; and a sports complex at a total cost of Rs 110 crore is underway at Government Medical College, Patiala. Further, works on the medical college of 100 MBBS seats each at Mastuana Sahib, Sangrur: Kapurthala; Malerkotla, and Hoshiarpur are expected to start in FY 2024-25.
  • A budgetary outlay of Rs 1,133 crore in FY 2024-25 for undertaking the developmental activities under Medical Education and Research which includes a special provision for developing a girls' hostel. at Government Ayurvedic College, Patiala.
  • AAP Government would continue supporting various State Universities like GADVASU, PAU, Sri Guru Teg Bahadur State University of Law, Punjab University, Punjabi University, GNDU, and others; together. with their constituent colleges for which a budgetary allocation of Rs 1,425 crore is proposed in FY 2024-25.
  • In recognition of the role played by PAU University, a provision of Rs 40 crore has been made for the development of research-related and other infrastructure in the University in FY 2024-25. In addition to this, an initial allocation of Rs 40 crore is proposed in FY 2024-25 for the construction of the Hostel at Panjab University, Chandigarh.


  • As promised in the previous Budget, the new Sports Policy has been notified, whereby the prize money for national and international medal winners has been increased substantially. "Khedan Watan Punjab Diyan" events were organized to re-discover the sports spirit of Punjab. Further, in the ongoing year, awards amounting to Rs 54 crore have been distributed to approximately 14,728 players. Jobs have been provided to eleven (11) sports players, of which four (4) were appointed in Punjab Civil Services (PCS) and seven (7) in Punjab Police Services (PPS).  

  • AAP Government has doubled the stipends to 16,000/- and 12,000/- per month, respectively to 180 each of outstanding sportspersons and budding sportspersons of the State. A budgetary outlay was proposed of Rs 272 crore for Sports and Youth Services in FY 2024-25 with the hope of creating and nurturing world-class talent in sports from Punjab.  

  • The Govt proposed to establish 1,000 sports nurseries for approximately 60,000 sportspersons aged between 6 to 17 years in all districts of Punjab. In the first phase, 250 sports nurseries are being established with proper coaching and availability of sports equipment to players, for which an initial outlay of Rs 50 crore is proposed in FY 2024-25.    

  • To promote sports education in the areas of Sport Science, Sports Technology, Sports Management and Coaching, etc. the Finance Minister proposed an allocation of Rs 34 crore for Maharaja Bhupinder Singh Punjab Sports University in FY 2024-25.


  • An allocation of Rs 5,264 crore in FY 2024-25 for the Health services has been provisioned.
  • A total of 829 Aam Aadmi Clinics have already been established in the State and many more are in the pipeline. 80 types of medicines and 38 diagnostic lab tests are being provided free of cost at these clinics. So far, more than 01 crore patients have availed treatment and more than 31 lakh diagnostic lab tests have been conducted. An allocation of Rs 249 crore has been earmarked in FY 2024-25 for strengthening this revolutionary initiative further.
  • Punjab Government, as promised, has launched the FARISHTEY Scheme with the intent of lowering the morbidity rates resulting from injuries sustained in road accidents and providing immediate, hassle-free treatment in the available Government/ empaneled private hospitals. Additionally, to encourage common people to come forth and help accident victims and save the lives of the victims, such "Farishtey" would be incentivized with cash rewards, given commendation certificates, and would be provided immunity from legal complications and police inquiries. An initial budgetary allocation of Rs 20 crore is proposed in FY 2024-25 for this purpose.
  • Under the Ayushman Bharat-Mukh Mantri Sarbat Sehat Bima scheme, out of the total 44.10 lakh families, e-cards have been generated for 35.59 lakh families and around 2,227 crores approx. has been spent on the treatment through 207 public, 570 private and 6 Government of India empaneled hospitals. An allocation of Rs 553 crore has been provisioned in FY 2024-25 under this scheme.
  • A comprehensive de-addiction plan is deployed through a network of a total of 529 00AT Clinics and 306 Rehabilitation Centers. Further, a Tele Manas Hub is being established at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), Amritsar, to provide consultation/counseling on Mental Health by trained counselors. The Finance Minister proposed a provision of Rs 70 crore in FY 2024-25 for this scheme.
  • Upgradation of 3 District Hospitals Ludhiana; Sangrur and Jalandhar are being undertaken currently to provide the best healthcare facilities to patients. An allocation of Rs 150 crore in FY 2024-25 for undertaking different infrastructure upgrades in the remaining 20 District Hospitals in a gradual manner.
  • Upgradation and strengthening of Rural Hospital and Sub Divisional Hospitals at Cheema, Kauhrian, Dhuri (Sangrur), and SAS Nagar (Mohali); MCH in 7 District Hospitals; and the purchase of 58 new ambulances, totaling Rs 100 crore are proposed to be undertaken during FY 2024-25 through PIDH.


  • Counseling and skill training are very important to improve. employability and our Government is taking concrete steps for this. A budgetary outlay of Rs 179 crore in FY 2024-25 for the implementation of various schemes of training and skill development. The Govt is initiating Punjab Hunar Vikas Yojna in this regard and also focusing on strengthening C-PYTE training centers for which Rs 46 crore. has been earmarked in FY 2024-25.


  • "Our MSMEs are the backbone of our state's economy. To give a boost to MSMEs and to address their challenges, our government has set up a new MSME wing. This wing will work to enhance the competitiveness of our MSMEs and ensure a continuous flow of credit from financial institutions for their expansion and innovation. This move is expected to benefit around 8 lakh MSMEs"
  • A budgetary outlay of Rs 3,367 crore, including subsidized power to the industrial sector, in FY 2024-25. Also, Rs 50 crore has been initially earmarked for other fiscal incentives to the industries of the State.


  • AAP Government has initiated online linking of mandis with Rice Mills. Integration of the Anaaj-Kharid portal has been done with the PSPCL portal for monitoring the power consumption of rice mills to match. with the production of rice, and to curb bogus purchases and recycling of PDS rice. An allocation of Rs 1,072 crore is proposed in FY 2024-25 for undertaking various initiatives in the department.
  • Installation of a Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) in vehicles transporting wheat and paddy/rice has been made mandatory and all gate passes for lifting wheat/paddy from mandis to storage points/mills are being generated online through the Anaaj Kharid Portal.
  • The government is establishing around 800 Model Fair Price Shops (MFPS) through MARKFED, and converting NFSA wheat into Atta, packaging it for doorstep distribution to beneficiaries. This would help the poor to save time, avoid long queues at ration depots, and instead work to fend for their families. The government has also initiated the "Ghar Ghar Muft Ration Yojana ie. doorstep delivery of packaged atta an allocation of Rs 250 crore has been earmarked in FY 2024-25.


  • The Punjab Government has extended compensation of Rs 490 crore approx. in the current financial year to cover various losses, including crop damage, loss of human lives, harm to livestock, and damage to residences. Further, to support the diverse initiatives of this department, a budgetary outlay of Rs 1,573 crore in FY 2024-25.
  • In the current fiscal year, an amount of approx. Rs 150 crore has been utilized for the construction and repair of District Administrative Complexes, Tehsils, Sub-Tehsils, and Sub-Divisional Complexes, to facilitate efficient operations and provide improved services to the public.


  • As promised in the previous budget of increasing the ex-gratia grant to Rs 1 crore, the Finance Minister said that the Government has released this ex-gratia grant to the families of the martyred soldiers.
  • Further, the pensions for war widows increased from Rs 6,000 to Rs 10,000 per month and assistance to blue-star-affected Dharmi Fauji increased from Rs 10,000 to 12,000 per month. Also, the pension for war jagirs is being increased from Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 per annum. To continue the Government's efforts to facilitate the defence personnel, a total of Rs 77 crore has been proposed in FY 2024-25 to deliver welfare services.


  • Under the PARSHAD Scheme, development works have already started in Sri Chamkaur Sahib. Further, the work to develop the Anglo-Sikh war circuit is already underway and will be completed soon. Also, efforts are on to build the Turban Museum at Sri Anandpur Sahib showcasing the importance of turban in the Indian culture.
  • A budgetary outlay of Rs 166 crore in FY 2024-25, with a special outlay of Rs 30 crore for the construction, upkeep, and preservation of various memorials and 30 crore for branding of tourism in the State.
  • A project namely "Ecotourism activities in various wildlife areas / Birs of Punjab at Rs 25 crores has been prepared and will be implemented in the coming 3 years and for this suitable allocation has been made in FY 2024-25. Separately efforts are already on to develop Ranjit Sagar Dam in Pathankot as a world-class tourist destination.


  • A budgetary outlay of Rs 10,635 crore has been provisioned for FY 2024-25 for the Department of Home Affairs, Justice, and Jails to support their law enforcement initiatives.
  • The Punjab Government is also endeavoring to modernize our correctional facilities and infrastructural facilities related to police administration in the next financial year.


  • AAP Government's commitment to undertake social welfare. initiatives, to foster the development of an equitable, just, and compassionate society can be seen in its support of various social welfare schemes, for which an allocation of Rs 9,388 crore is proposed in FY 2024-25.
  • The Government has provisioned Rs 5,925 crore in FY 2024-25 for providing social security pensions across different categories. Further, to implement other welfare schemes such as Poshan Abhiyaan; Ashirwad Scheme; Accessible India Campaign; and Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana, an allocation of Rs 1,053 crore has been earmarked in the next financial year.
  • He said that the Punjab Government stands beside our SCs/BCs/ Minority brothers and sisters and all downtrodden sections of society. An allocation of Rs 13,844 crore during FY 2024-25 has been provisioned towards the Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan (SCSP) which stands at 35% of the total development Budget of the State.


  • During FY 2023-24, the Government has completed the construction of 805 km of road and four bridges under PMGSY-III for which an expenditure of Rs 400 crore has been incurred. Further, 600 crore has been allocated for PMGSY-III in FY 2024-25. During FY 2023-24 under National Highways (original works) road length of 31 km has been upgraded with an expenditure of Rs 177 crore. Under the CRIF scheme, 22 km of road has been upgraded with an expenditure of Rs 40 crore. Under the State scheme, the upgradation of 176 km of road has been completed with an expenditure of Rs 199 crore. Further, an outlay of Rs 2,695 crore has been proposed for the arteries of connectivity Le. Roads and Bridges. 
  • In Sri Anandpur Sahib, many villages still lack proper connectivity even after 75 years of Independence. For ease of travel and proper connectivity of residents of these villages, an initial allocation of Rs 30 crore has been made for the construction of bridges between Khera Kalmot and Bhalladi & between Bela Dhyani and Ajauli.


  • To tackle the challenges related to water quality and scarcity, 15 large multi-village surface water supply schemes costing approx. Rs 2200 crore covering 1.706 villages are expected to be completed in FY 2024-25.
  • To ensure safe drinking water, Arsenic and Iron Removal Plants (AIRPs) utilizing adsorption technology from IIT Madras have been Installed in 685 villages across various districts. Additionally, household purifiers and community water purification plants have been distributed and installed in 170 border villages, totaling an investment of Rs 133 crore.
  • An allocation of ₹1,549 crore has been earmarked in FY 2024-25 for executing projects such as the Swachh Bharat Mission (Grameen), the replacement and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure, and the establishment and augmentation of a surface-water-based scheme.


  • A budgetary outlay of Rs 2,107 crore to strengthen the canals in FY 2024-25.
  • Proposed a new Malwa canal project. This initiative aims to cover approximately 1,78,000 acres, benefiting the districts of Bathinda, Faridkot, Ferozepur, and Muktsar. This project aims to reduce reliance on groundwater and optimize the under-utilized Punjab's share of Beas-Satluj river water during the Rabi period.
  • An allocation of Rs 143 crore for undertaking new projects construction/re-modeling and lining/re-lining works in FY 2024-25 and 150 crores for completion of relining of Rajasthan and Sirhind feeder.


  • Rs 6,289 crore in FY 2024-25 for the development of local urban areas.
  • An allocation of Rs 510 crore in FY 2024-25 for completing the remaining houses under the pucca housing campaign.
  • For undertaking works under the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) related to water supply schemes and environmental rejuvenation, Rs 394 crore is proposed in FY 2024-25. Further, for the Swachh Bharat Mission, National Urban Livelihood Mission, and Punjab Municipal Development Fund, a total of Rs 538 crore has been provisioned in FY 2024-25.
  • Under the new Urban Infrastructure Development Fund (UDIF), the Punjab Govt proposed to initiate various infrastructure projects related to sewerage treatment plants; urban parks; leisure valley, and for augmentation and rehabilitation of water supply, etc. amounting to Rs 322 crore with the assistance of the National Housing Bank.
  • An additional amount of Rs 900 crore is proposed for infra-projects to be undertaken by PIDB across various departments- Water Resources; Water Supply and Sanitation; Local Government and Public Works during FY 2024-25.


  • An allocation of 3,154 crore in FY 2024-25 to provide an all-round development for the rural population. 
  • The following allocations are being proposed for different schemes for Rural Development during FY 2024-25:
    (i) MGNREGS: Rs 655 crore for providing employment:
    (ii) Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana: Rs 20 crore;
    (iii) National Rural Livelihood Mission: Rs120 crore; and
    (iv) Rashtriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan: Rs 20 crore.


  • Through the "Mukhyamantri Tirath Yatra", the Punjab Government has been able to offer Punjabis an opportunity for free pilgrimage to various religious places of the Nation. An allocation of Rs 550 crore for the transport sector, with Rs 25 crore for this scheme, is proposed in FY 2024-25.
  • Our Government has launched the Electric Vehicle policy and earmarked Rs 10 crore in FY 2024-25 for providing incentives under it.
  • 11 crore women of the State have availed of free bus travel facilities during the current year for which Rs 450 crore has been provided by the Government and an allocation of Rs 450 crore has been provided in FY 2024-25 for continuing this service.


  • The Punjab Government purchased the former GVK Goindwal Sahib Thermal Power plant, now renamed Shri Guru Amardas Thermal Plant, with a capacity of 540 MW. This acquisition has been achieved at a remarkably low cost of Rs 1080 crore, equating to t2 crore per MW, in contrast to the typical cost of Rs 8.5 crore per MW for a new thermal plant.
  • Several key initiatives are underway, including the construction of a new 400 kV substation in Ropar, the strengthening of substations at Dhanansu, Behman Jassa Singh, and a 220 kV substation at Sherpur (Ludhiana), which is set to be commissioned shortly.
  • An allocation of Rs 7,780 crore has been provided in FY 2024-25 for providing free power of 300 units per month to domestic consumers.


  • The Total Revenue Receipts have been projected to be Rs 1,03,936 crore in FY 2024-25, of which the Own Tax Revenue accounts for Rs 58,900 crore. Further, the Share of Central Taxes has been pegged at Rs 22,041 crore and Grant-in-Aid from Centre at Rs 11,748 crore in FY 2024-25.

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