Lunar Eclipse 2023: Last Chandra Grahan of 2023, Details on Time & Significance
Published : Oct 27, 2023, 12:15 pm IST
Updated : Oct 27, 2023, 12:15 pm IST
Lunar Eclipse 2023
Lunar Eclipse 2023

Lunar Eclipse 2023: Partial Lunar Eclipse Visible Across India on October 28

Chandra Grahan, Lunar Eclipse 2023 in India date and time: In a celestial spectacle set to captivate skywatchers across India, the last lunar eclipse of 2023 is scheduled for tomorrow, October 28. Dr. Sunil Kumar, a professor at Dhanbad IIT (ISM), has provided insights into this partial lunar eclipse, emphasizing its significance from both a scientific and religious standpoint.

The Eclipse is projected to be a partial one, offering a mesmerizing sight to observers throughout the country. Dr. Sunil Kumar indicates that the lunar eclipse will commence at 11:30 pm on October 28, extending for 2 hours and 54 minutes until 2:24 am on October 29. Notably, between 1:05 pm and 2:24 pm, the Moon will find itself immersed in the Earth's shadow.


The Mechanism behind a lunar eclipse lies in the Earth positioning itself directly between the Moon and the Sun. Consequently, the Earth's shadow is cast upon the lunar surface, causing the Moon to take on a hazy appearance and, at times, a striking shade of red. This breathtaking celestial occurrence is visible from approximately half of the Earth.

While scientists regard a lunar eclipse as a fascinating astronomical event, it carries deep religious significance and is considered inauspicious in various cultures. In the realm of religion, a lunar eclipse is commonly referred to as 'Chandra Grahan.'

This Event marks the last lunar eclipse of the year 2023, following the first lunar eclipse on May 5, coinciding with Vaisakh Purnima, which was visible in many parts of the world but regrettably not in India. Notably, the lunar eclipse of October 28 will be followed by another in 2024, set to occur on September 18.


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