About Us & Our Team

Fact-Check Head - Bhagwant Singh

Bhagwant Singh oversees all the fact-checking operations and is integral to the growth of this team. He began this department and has continued to put in tremendous effort to ensure its expansion. He is GNI certified and thoroughly enjoys fact-checking. He is interested in learning more about public policy and governance.

Head of Social-Media - Ravinder Kaur

Ravinder Kaur is responsible for the management of the social media team and oversees all content posted on our channels on various social media platforms. She ensures that all content that is posted is in line with our organization’s journalistic ideals and beliefs. She is well-versed and experienced in team management and is passionate about social media, traveling, and is a foodie.

Fact-Checker and Desk-Writer - Veerpal Kaur

Veerpal is enthusiastic about Punjab politics, and she is interested in education and entertainment. She loves working in this team and is passionate to learn more about fact-checking. She enjoys writing stories about Punjab’s education system and politics.

Fact-Checker and Desk-Writer - Kamaljeet Kaur

Kamaljeet Kaur has studied Journalism and has been accredited with Reuters Training Course. Her interest lies in politics and health. She is very passionate about content writing and fact-checking.

Head Graphic Design Team - Eva

Eva leads our team of graphic designers and has brought an influx of creativity into our work. She is constantly helping out all of her juniors, helping them adjust, and giving them feedback. She loves creative work and believes graphic designing is a perfect fit for her.


Spokesman Fact Check was set up in March 2020 as a separate department under Green Media. Our department is entirely funded by the parent company. You can find all our founding and funding information in the About Us section. Spokesman Fact-Check is led by Bhagwant Singh, our senior fact-checker.

To combat the growing fake news trend, and especially misleading information surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, we decide to launch our fact-checking branch. The team initially focused on debunking fake political coverage, and the lack of clarity surrounding spreading, cures, medication of all kinds, and consequences of the new virus. In line with our honest reporting, we teamed up and regularly interviewed doctors and specialists to guide the general populace regarding hygiene and preventive and curative measures. As fake news grew, so did our team output. Not many news organizations focused on fact-checking and verification. Our work was appreciated, and that propelled our growth.


Today, we fact-check consistently, on various topics. Politics, current affairs, health, sports, history, health etc fall under our areas of coverage, among others. We strive to combat any fake news we can, keeping in line with our selection policies. Objectivity and factuality drive our content. Our department’s primary aims include:

  • Ensure that our coverage remains honest and factual.
  • Ensure that our methodology is simple and transparent, and that we stick to it. Check out our Methodology.
  • Ensure that our process of fact-checking can be replicated by anyone who chooses.
  • Ensure that our work can be corrected, if required. Check our Corrections Policy
  • Ensure that we be contacted for any queries or corrections. Our Contact Us page
  • Our content and our employees adhere to our Non-partisanship policy and its principles