Correction policy

  • Rozana Spokesman’s fact-checking department strives to produce accurate content based on facts and/ or any required verifications. Although, sometimes mistakes are made. Here, we believe that any mistakes in our fact-checks should be instantly acknowledged, corrected, clarified, and retracted if needed.

  • We invite our readers to write to us at if any discrepancy is found in our work, any information, data, or links we have used. Please write “Correction” followed by the title of the article in the subject line. Please tell us why the information is incorrect, a link to where you find this factual information, and add the link to our article in the body.

Note: Personal opinions do not qualify as a reason for us to review or correct our work.

How is a correction made?

  • A correction is made within 48 hours. If the verification process takes longer*, please allow us to extend this deadline by another 48 hours. This is to ensure that our vetting process is thoroughly executed. If a correction is made, it will be prominently displayed on the article itself along with the editor’s note expressing regret and any additional information or sources we use to attain any required information.

  • *Sometimes it can take longer than usual to verify and vet information. There can be delays when trying to track down sources, especially outdoor correspondents and field reporters.

  • If you are not satisfied with our fact-check or corrections, please feel free to mail us at

For any correction-related issue or any claim verification:

You can also message or call us at +91 91155 50160