Who is Mrinank Singh? Man detained for Duping Luxury Hotels and Defrauding Rishabh Pant

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Singh Posed as IPS Officer, Cheated Taj Palace and Indian Cricketer

Who is Mrinank Singh?

Who is Mrinank Singh? In a startling turn of events, former cricketer Mrinank Singh has been detained for orchestrating a series of deceits, including duping luxury hotels and Indian cricket sensation Rishabh Pant. Singh, apprehended on December 25, allegedly posed as an IPS officer and successfully executed scams that involved substantial sums of money.

Singh's duplicitous activities came to light after he posed as an IPL player at the Taj Palace in Delhi in July 2022. Claiming to be a celebrated cricketer with IPL experience, he stayed at the renowned hotel for nearly a week, accumulating a bill amounting to Rs 5.6 lakh. Singh assured the hotel that his sponsor, Adidas, would cover the expenses. However, investigations revealed that the bank account numbers and card details provided by him were fraudulent. Following futile attempts to contact Singh and his manager, the Taj Palace filed a complaint, prompting legal action.

Who is Mrinank Singh?

As per the reports, Mrinank Singh claimed to have played for the Haryana Under-19 team and asserted his involvement in Haryana's Ranji Trophy squad in 2021. Singh is graduated from Delhi University and completed his MBA from a Rajasthan college. However, none of his sporting claims have been substantiated.

Singh's deceptive web of impersonation extended beyond cricket and luxury hotels, with reports revealing that he cunningly assumed multiple false identities. Posing as a Mumbai Indians player, he seamlessly checked into high-end hotels, exploiting the fame associated with the Indian Premier League (IPL). Notably, Singh also reportedly masqueraded as Alok Kumar, an Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) from Karnataka, adding a layer of complexity to his efforts to elude arrest, as per a media organisation.

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Driven by a penchant for a lavish lifestyle, Singh displayed a particular affinity for five-star hotels and top-tier restaurants, as revealed by the police. This proclivity for opulence not only led him to dupe business establishments but also resulted in alleged deception of women and cab drivers. The police, in their investigation, have reportedly uncovered compromising images of Singh with various women stored on his phone.

Singh's deceptive practices extended to the realm of Indian cricket, with reports surfacing that he defrauded Rishabh Pant of a staggering Rs 1.6 crore. Posing as a businessman specializing in luxury watches and jewelry, Singh allegedly handed Pant a bounced cheque in exchange for watches. The former cricketer had previously claimed association with the Mumbai Indians in the IPL and played for the Haryana U19 team.

As the details of Singh's elaborate fraud emerge, legal proceedings against him are expected to intensify. The alleged scams targeting luxury hotels and high-profile individuals underscore the sophistication of Singh's impersonation tactics, leaving authorities and victims alike grappling with the extent of his fraudulent activities.