Rohit Sharma Breaks Silence on World Cup 2023 Final Defeat, Says- 'Too Hard to Move On'

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In his first appearance post-World Cup final loss, Rohit Sharma shares the emotional journey

Rohit Sharma News

Rohit Sharma News: In a candid interview posted by his management team on Instagram, Team India captain Rohit Sharma addressed the media for the first time after the heart-wrenching defeat in the World Cup 2023 final against Australia. The cricketing stalwart expressed the emotional struggle he faced in the aftermath of the loss, acknowledging the support of family and friends.

Rohit Sharma, visibly affected by the World Cup final defeat against Australia, shared his thoughts on the challenging period following the loss. He admitted, "I didn't know how to get out of it. For the first few days, I had no idea what to do." The captain highlighted the difficulty of moving forward after coming so close to clinching the coveted title.

Support from Family and Friends

Acknowledging the crucial role played by his family and friends, Rohit Sharma emphasized how their support made the tough times more bearable. "My family, my friends made things easy and supported me," he remarked, emphasizing the importance of a strong support system during challenging moments.

Reflecting on the team's performance, especially winning 10 matches leading up to the final, Rohit Sharma expressed his frustration, stating, "It's quite frustrating when you've done everything well, you've done all you could." Despite the disappointment, he underscored his pride in the team's efforts and recognized that no one is perfect, even in victory.

Gratitude for Fan Support

The captain expressed deep gratitude for the overwhelming support received from fans during the World Cup campaign. He acknowledged the special boost received from fans who continued to support the team even after the final loss. Rohit Sharma noted that despite feeling bad for the fans, the understanding and love shown by them provided the motivation to move forward.

Despite the challenges, Rohit Sharma revealed that the love and understanding received from fans played a pivotal role in helping him and the team move forward. He mentioned that meeting people who expressed love rather than anger provided a special boost to their morale.

Star spinner Ravichandran Ashwin recently disclosed that both Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli were visibly emotional in the dressing room after the World Cup final defeat. The revelation adds another layer to the emotional toll the loss took on the team's key players.

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