Legal Notice Issued to S Sreesanth Following On-Field Clash with Gautam Gambhir During LLC Match

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Former Indian Pacer Faces Legal Consequences Over Social Media Rant

Gautam Gambhir vs S Sreesanth News

Gautam Gambhir vs S Sreesanth News: In the aftermath of the on-field clash between S Sreesanth and Gautam Gambhir during the Legends League Cricket (LLC) match between India Capitals and Gujarat Giants, Sreesanth has reportedly received a legal notice from the LLC Commissioner. The notice comes in response to the former pacer's social media rant, accusing Gambhir of labeling him a 'fixer' during the game.

Sources have revealed that the legal notice contends Sreesanth's actions on social media constitute a 'breach of contract,' and it demands the removal of all videos posted by him. The LLC Commissioner asserts that no dialogue can take place until the removal of the said content. Furthermore, the notice emphasizes that the on-field umpires did not report any use of expletives by Gambhir during the match.

While Sreesanth took to social media to explain his perspective, Gambhir responded cryptically on Instagram, posting, "Smile when the world is all about attention!" Sreesanth, unpleased with the post, commented, questioning if Gambhir considered himself "above Supreme Court."

The controversy has escalated with legal implications, adding complexity to the situation. As the LLC Commissioner takes action against Sreesanth for his alleged breach of contract, the fallout from the on-field clash continues to unfold, raising questions about the conduct of players in professional cricket leagues.

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