India vs Afghanistan T-20 Clash in Mohali Marks Potential Farewell for IS Bindra Cricket Stadium

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Cricket Stadium in New Chandigarh boasts modern amenities

India vs Afghanistan T-20 Clash Latest News

India vs Afghanistan T-20 Clash Latest News: The Upcoming T-20 cricket match between India and Afghanistan, scheduled for January 11, will not only be a clash of cricket titans but could also mark the final international match at the iconic IS Bindra Cricket Stadium in Mohali. The match holds historical significance as the Punjab Cricket Association's newly constructed stadium in New Chandigarh is poised to take over hosting international fixtures.

Transition to New Chandigarh Stadium

With the completion of construction work at the Punjab Cricket Stadium in New Chandigarh, the focus now shifts to the BCCI officials, who are set to conduct a final survey of the state-of-the-art facility. Dilsher Khanna, the Secretary of the Punjab Cricket Association, expressed confidence that after BCCI approval, all subsequent matches will be seamlessly transitioned to the modern facilities provided by the new stadium.

Facilities and Features of New Chandigarh Stadium

The cricket stadium in New Chandigarh boasts modern amenities, meticulously designed to enhance the overall experience for players and spectators alike. Key features include a dedicated player transportation route, a practice pitch near the stadium gate, a separate pavilion for players, and an elaborate infrastructure comprising 12 lifts and 16 gates for efficient audience exit.

Paying attention to the needs of the players, the new stadium has red and black clay pitches, making it a unique venue in the country. The pitch, crafted from the black soil of Bhiwani, offers distinct advantages – red clay for bounce and speed, catering to fast bowlers, while black clay, known for quick breakdown, proves beneficial for spinners.

To enrich the overall matchday experience, the New Chandigarh Stadium provides parking for approximately 1600 vehicles, and additional vacant spaces allow for the setup of food stalls during matches. With a focus on creating an electric ambiance, the stadium's red and black clay pitches add a dynamic element to the game, making it a distinctive cricketing destination.

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Historic Moment for IS Bindra Cricket Stadium

As the T-20 match between India and Afghanistan unfolds in Mohali, there is a sense of nostalgia, recognizing the countless memorable moments at the IS Bindra Cricket Stadium. Its legacy, hosting Ranji and Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy matches, will be etched in cricketing history. The transition to the new stadium signifies progress and a commitment to providing world-class facilities for cricket enthusiasts.

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