Tragic Demise of Punjabi Youth in Trolley Accident at Australia

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

Punjabi Diaspora

Trolley Plummeted into a Deep Gorge

Randeep Singh

MAJITHA: A Heart-Wrenching incident occurred in Sydney, Australia, as a Punjabi youth lost his life in a tragic accident involving a trolley that plummeted into a deep gorge. The victim, identified as Randeep Singh, had left his hometown of Majitha in pursuit of better opportunities around 18 years ago. His untimely demise has left his family and community in deep mourning.

Randeep Singh ventured to Australia seeking a livelihood that would secure his family's future. Born to Gurmer Singh and his wife in Majitha Rural, Randeep Singh took on the challenge of building a life abroad. Over the years, he had been devotedly working as a trolley driver to make ends meet. Despite the geographical distance, Randeep remained connected with his roots. He returned to India four years after his initial departure to reunite with his family. His younger sister also followed in his footsteps and joined him in Australia, forging a shared journey of ambition and aspiration.

Tragedy struck on a fateful day, as Randeep Singh's life was cut short in a shocking accident. According to his parents, who still reside in Majitha village, Randeep was operating his trolley for work when the unfortunate incident occurred. While driving along his route, the trolley veered off the road and tumbled into a deep ravine. In a desperate attempt to escape the impending disaster, Randeep leaped from the trolley, which subsequently ignited due to the impact of the fall.

The accident inflicted severe injuries upon Randeep Singh, necessitating his immediate transfer to a local hospital. Despite the medical team's best efforts, Randeep succumbed to his injuries, marking a tragic end to his journey. His parents, who had traveled to Australia in March to be with their son, faced the heart-wrenching task of bidding farewell to him on foreign soil.