Sikh Granthi Makes History: Leads Prayer at American House of Representatives' Commencement

Rozana Spokesman

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Giani Jaswinder Singh's Invocation Marks a Milestone, Emphasizing Freedom of Religion in America

Sikh Granthi

WASHINGTON: In a historic moment, the Sikh community witnessed a significant milestone as Granthi Giani Jaswinder Singh, hailing from New Jersey, offered prayers to inaugurate the proceedings of the House of Representatives in the United States. This landmark event marked the first time a Sikh scholar led the prayers (Ardaas) at the House of Representatives, highlighting the growing recognition of diverse voices within American society.

Typically, a priest initiates the proceedings with a prayer, but this time, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy designated Jaswinder Singh to commence the session. The significance of this occasion was immediately acknowledged by Congressman Donald Norcross, who emphasized the importance of this unprecedented act.

Congressman Norcross remarked, "The history made today serves as a poignant reminder that America embraces and cherishes the freedom of religious expression, remaining steadfast in this commitment. Giani Jaswinder Singh's role in this moment has brought immense pride to South Jersey, and it is indeed an honor to be part of this significant event."

Notably, The Inclusion of Giani Jaswinder Singh as the first Sikh Granthi to offer prayers (Ardaas) in the US House of Representatives signifies a step towards recognizing and celebrating diversity in religious practices within the American democratic framework.