Tragedy: Punjabi Youth Dies in Accident at Workplace in Canada

Rozana Spokesman

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Sahilpreet Singh Embarked on a Journey of Higher Education & Opportunities in Canada Four Months Ago

Sahilpreet Singh

BRAMPTON: The Dreams of a young Punjabi student who ventured to Canada in pursuit of higher education and a brighter future have been shattered in a heart-wrenching accident. Sahilpreet Singh, a promising young man who embarked on a journey of opportunities four months ago, tragically lost his life on the morning of August 28 in a workplace incident.

Sahilpreet Singh, originally hailing from Punjab, India, had traveled to Canada with aspirations of achieving academic excellence and securing a better future. However, his dreams were abruptly cut short when he met with a fatal accident at Nexcycle Brampton, the workplace where he was employed. As per the reports, Sahilpreet was involved in an accident with a machine at Nexcycle Brampton. The tragic incident has left his family, friends, and the local community in shock and mourning.