Sikh Youth Amarinder Singh Brar from Faridkot Joins the Canadian Police Force

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

Amarinder Singh Brar Shines as He Represents Faridkot & Punjab on the Global Stage through Canadian Police Service

Amarinder Singh Brar

FARIDKOT: In a moment of immense pride and accomplishment, Amarinder Singh Brar, a young Sikh hailing from the village of Sibian in Faridkot district, Punjab, has achieved a significant milestone by joining the esteemed ranks of the Canadian police force. This achievement not only fills his parents with pride but also brings glory to his Late grandfather, Udham Singh Brar, a well known Akali (Taksali) Leader. Amarinder's achievement resonates beyond borders, illuminating the name of his village, district Faridkot, and the state of Punjab on the global stage.

Amarinder Singh Brar's home has become a hub of celebrations and well-wishes as friends, family, and community members gather to congratulate and celebrate his accomplishment in joining the Canadian police. Gurlal Singh Brar, the proud father, expressed his gratitude for the guidance and teachings provided by Amarinder's grandfather, Udham Singh Brar, a senior Akali (Taksali) leader. He believes that it is these values instilled in Amarinder that have propelled him to reach this significant point in his life.