Elderly Sikh Man Subjected to Racial Attack in Canada: Assailants Target Victim's Beard

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Incident Sparks Outrage as Elder Inderjit Singh Shares Harrowing Account of Assault in Langley Memorial Park

Racial Attack in Canada Latest News

Racial Attack in Canada Latest News: In a disturbing incident of racial aggression, an elderly Sikh man, Inderjit Singh, fell victim to a targeted attack on November 21 in Langley Memorial Park, Canada. The assailants, reportedly a group of 7-8 white individuals, attempted to touch Singh's beard, leading to a violent assault.

Recounting the traumatic incident, Inderjit Singh shared that after returning home from work, he visited Langley Park, where one of the white boys present attempted to touch his beard. When Singh resisted, another young man joined in, initiating a physical altercation. The situation escalated as more individuals from the group got involved.

During the attack, Singh was pulled, causing him to fall, and he endured blows to the head. Shockingly, despite the severity of the assault, bystanders failed to intervene. Singh revealed that although a few Indians present at the scene called the police, they, too, observed from a distance. The result of this vicious attack left Singh with broken ribs.

Expressing concern for the safety of others, Singh emphasized the need for the Sikh community to take decisive action against such incidents. He urged collective efforts to address the rising threat of racial attacks, emphasizing that what happened to him could potentially happen to others in the future. The incident has ignited widespread outrage and condemnation, with calls for justice and increased awareness about the alarming rise of racial attacks.

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