Tragic Demise of Punjabi Youth in Italy, Family Appeals for Assistance in Repatriation

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Family of the deceased is urging the Italian government to conduct a thorough investigation

Punjabi Youth death in Italy News

Punjabi Youth death in Italy News: In a heartbreaking incident, a young Punjabi man, Ajay Kumar, who embarked on a journey to Italy in pursuit of a better life just two months ago, met an untimely end in a tragic road accident. Ajay's family, residing in Nadala (Kapurthala), now grapples with grief and financial challenges, urging the Italian government for a thorough investigation and support in bringing the deceased's body back to India.

Ajay Kumar took a significant step in the pursuit of a brighter future by traveling to Italy two months ago. The young man, driven by aspirations and dreams, had invested substantial funds after securing a loan to make the journey abroad. Little did he know that his pursuit of a better life would end in a devastating road accident.

The tragic incident unfolded as Ajay, along with his friend Rakesh Kumar, set out to pick up a relative from Fiumicino Airport in the Latina district of Lazio province. Opting to avoid parking fees near the airport, the driver parked the car in a No Parking zone, and the group patiently waited for their relative's flight.

Tragedy struck when Ajay Kumar, stepping out to use the restroom, was fatally hit by a speeding car. The impact proved fatal, leading to his immediate demise at the scene. The family, devastated by the sudden loss, revealed that Ajay leaves behind two young children.

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Expressing their grief and seeking justice, the family of the deceased is urging the Italian government to conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances of the accident. Additionally, they appeal for assistance in repatriating Ajay Kumar's body to India, so that he may be laid to rest in his homeland.

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