Punjabi Financier Gunned Down in Manila: Rising Concerns Over Safety of Punjabi Diaspora Abroad

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

Punjabi Diaspora

Wave of Grief in Khanna as Gurdev Singh (58) Becomes the Latest Victim of Violence in Manila

Punjabi Diaspora Latest News: Punjabi Financier Gunned Down in Manila

Punjabi Diaspora Latest News: In a distressing incident, Gurdev Singh, a 58-year-old resident of Nand Singh Avenue, Khanna, was fatally shot in Manila, Philippines, further highlighting the ongoing safety challenges faced by the Punjabi community abroad.

Gurdev Singh, a seasoned figure in the finance business in Manila, met a tragic end, sending shockwaves through his family in Khanna. Lakhveer Singh Bhatti, a relative, revealed that Gurdev Singh and his son operated a finance business in Manila, with the son currently in Punjab. The news of Gurdev Singh's untimely death, received on Saturday evening, has plunged the family into profound grief.

Lakhveer Singh voiced the growing anxiety over the persistent violence targeting Punjabi individuals abroad, emphasizing the urgent need for the central government to address and rectify this alarming trend. As the family copes with the tragedy, efforts are underway to seek government assistance in repatriating Gurdev Singh's body to Punjab. Lakhveer Singh Bhatti disclosed that Gurdev Singh is survived by his wife, a son, and two daughters. 

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