Tragedy Strikes as Punjabi Youth Drowns in California's Milton Lake 

Rozana Spokesman

Punjabi Diaspora

Victim has been identified as 22-Year-Old Hashanpreet Singh 

Hashanpreet Singh 

CALIFORNIA: Heartbreaking news has emerged from the shores of America, where a vibrant Punjabi youth lost his life in a tragic drowning incident at Milton Lake in California. The victim has been identified as Hashanpreet Singh (22), the beloved son of Kasmir Singh and a native of Patiala. In a shocking turn of events, Hashanpreet, who had embarked on a journey to pursue studies in hotel management in California in 2021, met an untimely demise during a leisure outing.

The unfortunate incident occurred yesterday when Hashanpreet ventured out for a stroll alongside his friends by the serene Milton Lake. In an unexpected and devastating twist, Hashanpreet lost his footing, leading to a tragic drowning incident. Prompt response from rescuers and skilled divers on the scene swiftly brought Hashanpreet to safety, airlifting him to a nearby medical facility for urgent medical attention.

Despite the efforts of medical professionals, Hashanpreet's condition took a critical turn, eventually resulting in the cessation of his vital signs. The attending physicians had to pronounce him deceased, plunging his family and community into profound grief. Adding a poignant layer to this already tragic narrative, Hashanpreet's father, Kashmir Singh, had met a similar fate a mere month and a half prior, succumbing to drowning in the Gandakheri canal. This dual tragedy has cast a somber shadow over the family, leaving them mourning the untimely loss of two promising lives.