Who is Jaskirat Singh Sidhu? Indian-Origin Truck Driver Involved in Killing of 16 People

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 Jaskirat Singh Sidhu is set to be deported from Canada

Who is Jaskirat Singh Sidhu?

Who is Jaskirat Singh Sidhu? In a significant development, Jaskirat Singh Sidhu, the Indian-origin truck driver implicated in the tragic Humboldt Broncos bus crash, is set to be deported from Canada following the dismissal of his appeal, as reported by Canada-based Media organisation. Sidhu, who pleaded guilty to dangerous driving charges, faces deportation to India, marking the latest chapter in the aftermath of the devastating accident.

What's the matter?

The Humboldt Broncos bus crash, which occurred on April 6, 2018, at the intersection of Saskatchewan Highway 35 and Saskatchewan Highway 335 near Armley, claimed the lives of 16 people and left 13 others injured. The incident brought Jaskirat Singh Sidhu to the forefront, as his semi-trailer truck failed to stop at a highway intersection, resulting in the tragic collision.

Who is Jaskirat Singh Sidhu?

Jaskirat Singh Sidhu is an Indian-origin truck driver. He received an eight-year prison sentence for his role in the accident. Notably, he had been employed for less than a month before the fatal crash. Earlier this year, Sidhu was granted parole, leading to the Canada Border Services Agency recommending his deportation.

Despite the recommendation, Sidhu's lawyer, Michael Greene, argued that border services officials overlooked his client's previously clean criminal record and expressions of remorse. The recent judgment, however, confirms that Sidhu is now set to face deportation to India, concluding years spent in Canada where he had established a life with his wife. Nevertheless, there remains an avenue for Sidhu to request permission to stay based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

Grieving Families and Public Sentiment

The aftermath of the court decision has elicited mixed sentiments. Toby Boulet, whose 21-year-old son, Logan, lost his life in the crash, expressed his reluctance to see Sidhu remain in Canada. "We have no ill feelings toward the man - we just don't want to see him ever again," Boulet emphasized, reflecting the complex emotions and the enduring impact of the tragic event.

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