Tragic Shooting Claims Life of Punjabi Youth Nishan Singh in Manila

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Punjabi Diaspora

Family is demanding Swift Repatriation

Nishan Singh

MANILA: A Horrifying incident unfolded in Manila as a 27-year-old Punjabi youth, identified as Nishan Singh, fell victim to a fatal shooting attack at a restaurant. The assailants, arriving on a motorcycle, targeted the young man, leading to his tragic demise on the spot. Nishan Singh hailed from the village of Randhawa in Kapurthala district, leaving his grieving family demanding the swift repatriation of his body.

Nishan Singh had embarked on a journey to Manila four years ago, seeking new opportunities and experiences in the bustling city. Tragically, this promising endeavor ended in a shocking and untimely loss. The victim's father, Prem Singh, recounted the heart-wrenching moment when an acquaintance from Manila called on Wednesday evening to deliver the devastating news of his son's murder. Nishan Singh had been mercilessly shot dead, leaving his family stricken with grief.

The grieving family, reeling from the tragic incident, has fervently appealed to the Indian government to facilitate the prompt repatriation of Nishan Singh's body. The emotional plea underscores the family's desperate need for closure and the opportunity to lay their beloved son to rest in his homeland.