Malaysian Sri Dasmesh Pipe Band Shines in World Pipe Band Championship

Rozana Spokesman

Punjabi Diaspora

Over the years, the band has performed at various international events, including Australia, Indonesia, Germany, the UK, and the US

Sri Dasmesh Pipe Band

GLASGOW: The Sri Dasmesh Pipe Band from Malaysia has made its mark on the international stage, advancing to the finals of the prestigious World Pipe Band Championship 2023 held in Glasgow, Scotland. The band's remarkable journey culminated in securing the ninth position in the competition.

Under the leadership of Pipe Major Tirth Singh, Drum Sergeant Triprat Singh, Mid-Section Chief Sukhpreet Kaur, and Pipe Sergeant Bhupinderjit Singh, the Sri Dasmesh Pipe Band demonstrated their exceptional musical skill and dedication. The band has previously participated in three World Championships in 2015, 2019, and now in 2023. In this fierce competition, where nearly 700 teams participate, only 12 teams make it to the final round.

Reflecting on their achievement, Pipe Major Teerth Singh expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "While we didn't secure the top spot this time, we are determined to return and hoist the Malaysian flag on the podium."

Drum Sergeant Triprat Singh highlighted that the band's presence in the final and their ninth-place finish showcased Malaysia's ability to compete at the world-class level. Mid-Section Chief Sukhpreet Kaur acknowledged the challenges faced by the band, stating, "Given what we have achieved with such a young age group, I am excited to see how we perform next time around."

Pipe Sergeant Bhupinderjit Singh mentioned that the band had to overcome adverse weather conditions in Scotland to reach the finals. He also pointed out that achieving ninth place in Grade 4A was a significant accomplishment, particularly since nearly half of the band's members were new recruits.

Notably, Sri Dasmesh Pipe Band was the sole representative from Southeast Asia in the championship. The band, which operates on a voluntary basis, faces financial constraints, and does not charge membership fees. They provide free training and instruments to all members.

Founded in 1986 by airline pilot Sukhdev Singh and his brother Harwinder Singh, the band aimed to instill discipline in Sikh youth through music. Over the years, the band has performed at various international events, including Australia, Indonesia, Germany, the UK, and the US.

Significantly, Financial challenges limit the band's participation in competitions, which typically occurs every four years. Sri Dasmesh Pipe Band relies on donations to sustain its operations and continue representing Malaysia on the global stage.