Proud Moment: Ludhiana's Jaskirat Saini Joins Italian Police Force

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

Jaskirat Saini's Achievement Shines Light on Success of the New Generation of Punjabis in Italy

Punjabi Girl Joins Italian Police Force News

Punjabi Girl Joins Italian Police Force News: In a remarkable feat, Jaskirat Saini, a 23-year-old hailing from Ludhiana, Punjab, has made her mark by joining the Local Police (Policea Locale) in the Lombardy province of Italy. The success story not only adds to the individual pride of Jaskirat but also reflects the growing success of the Punjabi community in Italy.

Living with her parents, Satpal Singh and Paramjit Kaur, at Pavone Mela in Brescia district, Italy, Jaskirat attributes her achievement to the prayers of her parents and the grace of God. The Ludhiana native expressed her gratitude for securing a position in the local police force.

Jaskirat's father, Satpal Singh, shared his pride in his daughter's accomplishments, highlighting her academic brilliance and dedication. He credited her success to hard work and diligence, emphasizing that Jaskirat successfully cleared a high-level examination to secure her position in the local police force. Singh extended his appreciation to both the Indian community residing in Italy and the supportive Italians for their cooperation.

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