Tragic Loss: Fatehgarh Sahib's Youth Passes Away in Canada

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Family is doing effort to facilitate the repatriation of Handeep Singh's remains to India

Handeep Singh

FATEHGARH SAHIB: The Grim news of a young man from Kharorhi village in Fatehgarh Sahib meeting an untimely demise in Canada has left the entire village in mourning. The 32-year-old, identified as Handeep Singh Honey, tragically suffered a heart attack.

Harbinder Singh, the grieving father of Handeep Singh, shared the heart-wrenching account of his son's journey. Handeep had recently tied the knot, after which his wife had relocated to Canada. Just six months ago, Handeep embarked on his journey to Canada, securing a work permit to sustain their livelihood. Despite the distance, the couple remained connected with family through daily conversations.

However, tragedy struck when the family received a devastating phone call from Canada, revealing that Handeep Singh Honey had suffered a sudden heart attack, ultimately leading to his demise. The family is diligently working to facilitate the repatriation of Handeep Singh's remains to India. The necessary paperwork is in progress, with expectations that Handeep's body will return to Kharorhi village by September 8, where he will be laid to rest in his hometown.

Parliamentarian Dr. Amar Singh and Regional MLA Advocate Lakhveer Singh Rai have expressed their condolences to Handeep Singh's family. They have pledged their support and assistance in every possible way to ensure Handeep's body is brought back to India, allowing his loved ones to bid him a final farewell in his homeland.