Young Punjabi Man Gurbej Singh Dies of Cardiac Arrest in America

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Youth Embarked on a Journey to California, America, Approximately 11 Months Ago

Gurbej Singh

SRI MUKTSAR SAHIB: In a heartbreaking turn of events, Gurbej Singh, a determined young man from Sri Muktsar Sahib who had set out for the United States in pursuit of a brighter future, tragically passed away due to a sudden heart attack. 

The news of Gurbej Singh's untimely demise sent shockwaves through the Baddian village, where he hailed from. Sarpanch Sahib Singh shared the heartbreaking details of this somber incident. Gurbej Singh, the son of Swaran Singh, had embarked on a life-changing journey to California, America, approximately 11 months ago, investing a significant sum of Rs 35 lakh with the aspiration of uplifting his family's fortunes.

The fateful incident occurred at around 12:00 pm when Gurbej Singh's friend in America received a distressing call. Gurbej Singh had suddenly experienced severe chest pain and, despite swift efforts to rush him to the hospital, tragically succumbed to the heart attack. It was a heart-wrenching moment for his family and friends, who were left in shock by the sudden loss.

Sahib Singh, the Sarpanch, revealed that on the day of Rakhi, Gurbej Singh had shared heartfelt conversations with his sisters and other family members, expressing his plans to return to India soon. Grief has cast a pall over the grieving family.