Society adds to the trauma of rape

 | Nimrat Kaur


Society adds to the trauma of rape

A ten year child gives birth to a baby girl who will given up to the orphanage for adoption. Who is responsible for this situation? The rapist uncle who raped his niece or the judgement which put the welfare of an unborn fetus ahead of the a ten year old child. The little girl not only went through the trauma of rape but Supreme court’s judgement forced the pains of motherhood on her. While her soul will carry the horrid memories of rape, her body will bear testament to child birth. The little girl was told that she is undergoing surgery to remove a stone from her stomach but these white lies are good for adults, a ten year old would understand much more.

The Indian society still considers the girl child as a dead weight to be carried around. The system steadfastly refuses to take the matter of rape with the seriousness it deserves. On Independence Day, a 12 year old was raped in Chandigarh’s favourite children’s park. This happens at time when the women of Chandigarh are trying to reclaim their streets after the stalking incident at midnight which happened last week.

How can we ensure safety of women on streets and workplace when the parks have become play grounds for perverts? Instead of a decrease in rape statistics, rapists are becoming bolder and taking every arrest as a challenge to their sort of sickness.

The laxity of the system emboldens the sick mind. Indian society needs to differentiate between men and monster who rapes. Rape as a crime is worse than murder as the victim is sentenced to life of horrors of the rape. The society also attaches the burden of shame on to victim as the crimes is not horrific enough. Then the blame game starts; clothes were too short or night time is not for women. Now play grounds and even homes aren’t safe for little girls. And since law cannot find it to treat these monsters with the harshness they deserve, lets just keep little girls locked up.

The thought of making a ten year old become a mother should awaken the country from its slumber. Its a sad day for system which made a little girl go through this pain. Now the same system can rectify its mistake by treating her rapist as monster and setting out a fast track punishment that acts as deterrent for the rest. The system needs to step up and protect our little girls so that all these pedophiles don’t think of giving into their monstrous urges.