Men have been wronged too

Rozana Spokesman  | Nimrat Kaur


Men have been wronged too

Men have been wronged too


Is feminism a way to change? While some wear the brand with pride, some shy away, not just because they are happy to stay in their so-called place, but because of the negative connotations, it carries. And however hard we try to integrate the word into the society, it cannot shake off the stamp of man-hater embedded deeply into its genesis.

Yes, women are fully capable, independent, self-sufficient but they do need men in their life. Being a feminist is not synonymous with being a man-hater. In fact, women need them to complete their world. Sometimes for love and sometimes for the sheer muscle power. Needing a man is natural and that doesn't take away anything from a woman.

For so many centuries women have been subjugated, against the natural order of life. And now hating men is not going to restore the order. Won't a humanitarian approach be more effective? To ring back a natural order of life, men need to be treated with compassion as they too have deprived of being humans, not allowed to get in touch with their emotions.

They aren't allowed to be humans but schooled to be these monsters who are encouraged to be cruel. But first act of cruelty happens with them when they aren't allowed to feel fear, love, empathy, all the emotions that make life beautiful.

Society has harmed men too along with women. Sometimes it's pitiful to see men who are just incapable of even looking after themselves. The primates could light a fire with stones and sticks and modern man cant light a matchstick. Isn't that a tragedy? Most men are helpless and useless while women are mostly strong and capable.

Time to have pity on humanity and bring forth a wave of change in both the sex. It is not women’s fight alone. Its a fight for humanity. Otherwise, we will have a spurt of bachelor leaders like Yogi or Ramdev or misogynists like Trump taking over the world.

That's not going to make the world a better place. Why waste our time or energy hating or putting down anyone. A victory would be when worlds natural of equality order is restored. Men and women together making the world a better place. And that's where Feminism would be an approach followed by men and women.