Two Men Confess to Attempted Murder of Renowned Radio Host Harnek Singh in New Zealand

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Swift Legal Action Against the Perpetrators Reflects Authorities' Commitment to Ensuring Justice

Harnek Singh

AUCKLAND: In a significant development, two individuals involved in the vicious attack on renowned Punjabi radio host Harnek Singh (53) in New Zealand have admitted their guilt in court, effectively pleading guilty to charges of attempted murder ahead of their trial. The incident, which transpired on December 23, 2020, left Harnek Singh severely injured after an assault near his residence in the Wattle Downs area of Auckland. The assailants, Hardeep Singh Sandhu and Sarvjit Sidhu, confessed to their crimes during a hearing at the Auckland High Court on Wednesday.

Harnek Singh's recovery journey has been marked by numerous surgeries and an extended period of hospitalization, during which he bravely battled the physical and emotional aftermath of the attack.

Justice Mathew Downs presided over the hearing, where both Sandhu and Sidhu pleaded guilty to the charges of attempted murder. While Sarvjit Sidhu was granted bail until Monday, Hardeep Singh Sandhu was remanded in custody. Justice Downs announced that the trial is scheduled to commence in November.

The Courtroom was witness to the presence of many family members and friends who offered their support to both Sandhu and Sidhu. It's worth noting that another individual, Jaspal Singh (42), was previously sentenced to five years and three months in prison for his involvement in the case. During the sentencing, Justice Geoffrey Wanning stated that the attack was motivated by religious extremism, a revelation that underscored the gravity of the incident. The legal proceedings are far from over, as five additional individuals are set to stand trial next Monday on charges related to the attempted murder of Harnek Singh.

Notably, The assault on Harnek Singh not only shocked the local community but also drew attention to the alarming issue of hate-driven violence. The swift legal action being taken against the perpetrators reflects the authorities' commitment to ensuring justice and combating such acts.