China's Ladder of Love, The Real Test Of Love And Trust

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The stairs that test love

China's Ladder of Love, The Real Test Of Love And Trust

China's Ladder of Love: Lovers have to go through many types of tests. It is easy to love but it is very difficult to preserve it. Many situations arise between couples which test their love. If their love is strong, then they overcome these situations. 

Many times, couples themselves try to test their love. China has made a wonderful creation for such couples. Ladder of Love has been made in China.

Now, you might be wondering what kind of stairs are these that test love? Actually, these stairs have been built at a great height. It has been built in such a way that only the couple who blindly trust each other can climb it. Otherwise, climbing is like inviting death.

Climbing the Ladder of Love is not an easy task. It is built on Fuxi Mountain in Henan province of China. Climbing these 1314 meter high stairs is not an easy task. This is made in air and the biggest thing is that railings have not been made on both sides of these stairs. That means, if someone falls from these stairs, he or she will fall straight into a deep ditch.

There is a special reason for naming these stairs Ladder of Love. In fact, climbing these stairs proves that you can trust your partner blindly. Only if you have faith on each other, you can climb it. Otherwise it is impossible to climb these stairs with a partner. As soon as its video was shared on social media, it went viral. Many people started feeling dizzy just after watching the video. In such a situation, just imagine the condition of the people climbing it.