Chris Luxon Sworn In as 42nd Prime Minister of New Zealand

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After Electoral Triumph, National Party Leader Assumes Leadership Amidst Multifaceted Political Coalition

New Zealand Prime Minister News: Christopher Luxon

New Zealand Prime Minister News: In the wake of the elections held on October 14 and the subsequent government formation process, New Zealand welcomed its new Prime Minister, Christopher Luxon, as he took the oath at the Governor's House, marking the inception of the 42nd term of leadership in the country.

The National Party, securing 43 seats through votes and an additional 5 seats from party votes, successfully garnered the necessary 61 seats to establish the government. The swearing-in ceremony was presided over by Dame Cindy Keiro, the Governor General of New Zealand, in continuation of a political tradition that began with Henry Sewell becoming the first Prime Minister on May 7, 1856.

Notably, the government's formation required a strategic alliance, with the Act Party and New Zealand First Party contributing 11 and 8 seats, respectively. Two distinct agreements were reached, designating Winston Peters of the New Zealand First Party as Deputy Prime Minister for the initial 18 months, followed by David Seymour of the Act Party as Deputy Chief Minister for the subsequent 18 months.

A total of 20 members have been appointed to the cabinet, with 14 ministers hailing from the National Party, and the Act Party and New Zealand First Party each contributing three ministers.

Addressing the media in the first press conference, Prime Minister Luxon outlined the government's immediate focus on economic revitalization. "The first task of the government is to fix the economy of the country. We have to actually lower the cost of living, keep inflation under control so we can lower interest rates, we can make food more affordable. A lot of our focus is on tackling the root causes of inflation," he stated.

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters emphasized improvements in ethnic relations, aligning with the new government's commitment to initiatives outlined in its 100-day election manifesto. As Luxon assumes the prime ministership, outgoing Prime Minister Chris Hipkins transitions to the role of opposition leader, offering congratulations to the newly inaugurated head of state. The political landscape also saw victories, including the National Party's Andrew Baillie securing the Port Waikato constituency in yesterday's election.

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