Chinese Gaming Company Faces Backlash for Offering Rs 58,000 Compensation After Intern's Death

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Young Intern's Death Sparks Outrage as Chinese Gaming Firm Initially Denies Responsibility, Citing Lack of Awareness

Chinese Gaming Company News

Chinese Gaming Company News: In a distressing incident, a young intern employed by a Chinese gaming company met an untimely demise, prompting outrage as the company initially refused to acknowledge responsibility for the tragedy. The victim, Li Hao, a graduate student on a 6-month internship, had been live-streaming for the company and tragically passed away, leading to questions surrounding the company's ethical and legal obligations.

Li Hao, a graduate from Ping Ding Shan Vocational and Technical College, joined the Chinese gaming company in October for a 6-month internship, with a promised monthly salary of Rs 35,000. His role involved live-streaming gaming sessions for the company.

The tragedy unfolded on November 10 when Li Hao, after engaging in a continuous live-streaming session from 9 pm to 6 am the previous night, experienced health issues. Despite being rushed to the hospital, he couldn't be saved. The company, named Zhengzhou, initially distanced itself from any responsibility, claiming ignorance regarding Li Hao's night shift work.

The victim's father revealed that Li Hao's health deteriorated after a month of continuous live-streaming sessions. On the fateful day, he was observed breathing rapidly, leading to his untimely demise. The company's records indicate that Li participated in 89 live-streaming sessions between October 15 and November 10.

In a shocking turn of events, the gaming company denied direct employment, asserting that Li Hao was hired through a third party. This denial of responsibility has triggered a wave of criticism on social media platforms, with users expressing outrage at the company's seemingly callous response to the tragic incident.

The controversy surrounding Li Hao's death brings attention to the pressing issues of workplace conditions, especially in the gaming industry, and the responsibilities companies bear toward their employees. As public scrutiny intensifies, questions are raised about the adequacy of compensation offered by the company, which stands at a mere Rs 58,000, adding another layer to the unfolding narrative of this unfortunate incident.

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