18-Year-Old Killed his Parents, Sister & 5-Year-Old Brother in US 

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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The Name of the accused is Caesar Olade

Family Murdered in USA

Washington: An 18-year-old boy killed his parents, sister and a 5-year-old brother in Texas, USA. The Police has arrested the Teenager. He told the police that his family members are cannibals and were planning to eat him. The name of the accused is Caesar Olade. The incident is from the city of Nash, Texas. Olade himself called the police and told about the incident. The police reached the spot and asked Olade to surrender. After that, the cops went home and found 4 dead bodies. 

The Police said that the accused shot several times at the family members. Then he dragged the bodies to the bathroom. There was blood in many places throughout the house. According to the police report, Lisbet Olade, the mother of accused Cesar Olade, took leave from work. Due to this, Joseph Flyder, who worked with him, came to his house to ask how she was doing. When he knocked on the door, he did not get any answer.

After this, a member of Olade's family also came there. When both of them forcibly entered the house, they saw that Caesar had kept their entire family captive. He also threatened to kill the people who came home. Caesar was constantly calling his family members man-eaters.

After this, the flyer reported the matter to the police. Accused Caesar has been sent to jail on a bond of 82.5 crores. Her neighbor Robert Ward said that the family was very happy and hardworking. His sister has recently completed her graduation. Accused Caesar was also a very good boy and was about to join a training program to become a plumber.