US Presidential Elections 2024: President Joe Biden Announces Re-Election Campaign

Rozana Spokesman

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White House senior adviser Julie Chavez Rodriguez will be the campaign manager: Joe Biden

President Joe Biden

WASHINGTON: United States President Joe Biden has confirmed that he will contest the presidential election again in 2024. He has announced his decision in a video. In this three-minute video, the announcement of his candidacy has been officially made public. He has pointed out special emphasis on one word 'freedom' in the video.

The 46th President of the United States has said in the video that abortion rights, protecting democracy, voting rights and Social Security will be his most important election issues in 2024. He said voters will have a choice whether they want to give 'more or less freedom' and 'more or less rights' to the next generation.

In a press release accompanying the video, Joe Biden confirmed that White House senior adviser Julie Chavez Rodriguez will be his campaign manager. Along with this, Vice President Kamala Harris has also said that she will again join the vice presidential term. In the year 2020, 58-year-old Kamala Harris became the first woman Vice President in the country. She also became the first African-American and Asian-American Vice President. 

Taking to Twitter, Kamala Harris wrote, “As Americans, we believe in freedom and rights. We believe that our democracy will only be as strong as our willingness to fight for it. That's why Joe Biden and I are going to run again."