Former US President Donald Trump Surrenders in Georgia Election Fraud Case

Rozana Spokesman

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Trump was Released After 20-Min Detainment

Donald Trump

ATLANTA: Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, turned himself in to the Fulton County police early Friday morning in connection with alleged election fraud during the US presidential election. Subsequently, he was arrested and briefly detained at the Fulton County Jail. This incident marks the first time a former American president's mugshot has been taken as an accused individual.

Trump's surrender followed a court directive related to the case, where he stands accused of fraud and forgery aimed at manipulating the results of the Georgia presidential election. His photograph, often referred to as a mugshot, was captured during the booking process, and he was released from jail after approximately 20 minutes in custody. The former president posted a $200,000 bond with specified conditions prior to his release, as reported by CNN.

During a brief interaction with reporters after his release, Trump firmly asserted his innocence, stating, "I have not done anything wrong." Alongside Trump, 18 other individuals have been implicated in this case, all facing similar charges of election-related misconduct.

The legal proceedings involved the official recording of Trump's fingerprints and relevant documentation. These records will play a crucial role in the ongoing court proceedings. Notably, Trump's Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, also surrendered to authorities in connection with the case. Notably, The charges against Trump were formally filed on August 15 in an Atlanta court, listing his name among 13 of the 41 total charges specified in the indictment. The court had granted Trump until August 25 to turn himself in.