President Joe Biden Gifts Special AI T-Shirt to PM Narendra Modi during US Visit

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Symbolic Gesture Strengthens ties between America & India

PM Modi & President Joe Biden

WASHINGTON: Concluding his three-day visit to the United States, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has departed for Egypt, leaving behind a series of significant events and engagements that marked his stay in America. One particular highlight of Prime Minister Modi's visit was his meeting with prominent industry leaders, during which US President Joe Biden presented him with a special gift, eliciting applause from all those present.

On Friday, Prime Minister Modi and President Biden convened a meeting with industrialists and business leaders, where the American President extended a unique present to his Indian counterpart. The gift, a specially designed AI T-shirt, carried a powerful message and was met with enthusiasm by the attendees. The Prime Minister took to Twitter to share a photo of the red T-shirt, which features the inscription "The Future is AI: America & India."

As President Biden presented the gift, those seated alongside him, including prominent figures such as Apple CEO Tim Cook, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Reliance Group Chairman Mukesh Ambani, and Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra, applauded the gesture. The image captures a moment of warmth and camaraderie between the two leaders, both seen smiling and appreciating the significance of the occasion.

Prime Minister Modi's tweet accompanying the photo read, "Future belongs to AI, be it Artificial Intelligence or America - India! When we work together, it strengthens our nation. And the whole planet benefits." The message underscores the shared commitment of both countries to harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence and the positive impact it can have on global development.

The meeting between Prime Minister Modi and President Biden, attended by prominent industrialists and business leaders, provided an opportunity to strengthen ties between the United States and India. It emphasized the importance of collaboration and technological advancements, with a specific focus on the potential of Artificial Intelligence to shape the future.