US President Joe Biden's Visit to India Set for Next Month to Attend G-20 Summit

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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President Biden's visit to India will encompass Multifaceted Discussions

Joe Biden

WASHINGTON: The Anticipation builds as the White House announces that President Joe Biden is scheduled to embark on a visit to India from September 7 to 10. The purpose of his visit is to participate in the G-20 summit, an event that will convene world leaders to deliberate on pressing global matters, including the ongoing Ukraine conflict. During his stay, President Biden is expected to engage with his counterparts in discussing a range of critical issues.

In a statement issued by the White House, it was revealed that President Biden's visit to India will encompass multifaceted discussions centered around global affairs and collaborative efforts. Notably, he will extend his appreciation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his leadership in steering the G-20 agenda. The visit holds particular significance as the G-20 World Leaders Summit is slated to unfold in New Delhi from September 9 to 10. This summit is poised to become the largest congregation of world leaders on Indian soil, underscoring India's prominent role on the global stage.

The forthcoming visit is laden with diplomatic importance, as President Biden and his G-20 counterparts are poised to address multifaceted challenges. The ongoing Ukraine conflict holds prominence on the agenda, with discussions aimed at devising strategies to mitigate its far-reaching economic and social ramifications. Climate change and clean energy, critical issues of our time, are also slated for deliberation, reflecting the shared global commitment to combating environmental challenges.

White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, affirmed, "President Biden and the G-20 allies will engage in dialogues to collectively address the far-reaching implications of the Ukraine conflict, alongside a comprehensive discourse on pressing global issues, including climate change and clean energy."

Notably, Beyond the summit, President Biden is set to engage in bilateral discussions with various leaders on a gamut of matters, including the evolving landscape of climate change, the Ukraine-Russia conflict, and a host of other global challenges.