Immigration News: Canada implements limit on student visas

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Indian students constitute the largest group of international students in Canada.

Canada Immigration, Student Visa for Indian students news

Canada Immigration, Student Visa News: To reduce the impact of international students on housing and address the issues related to institutional practices, Canadian Immigration Minister Marc Miller recently announced a 2-year cap on student visas. Reportedly, this move aims to restrict the number of student visas granted and target institutions that exhibit unpleasant practices.

As per the report, the Canadian government has set a goal of approving 360,000 undergraduate study permits this year, reducing the numbers by 35% from the figures in 2023. 

For the year 2024, the federal government is setting a goal of approving 360,000 undergraduate study permits, marking a 35% reduction from the figures in 2023. This development may affect Indian students. 

Notably, Indian students constitute the largest group of international students in Canada. As per the CBC News, more than 300,000 Indian students went to Canada in 2023.

According to the new system, the provinces and territories will be allocated a share of the total permits based on population, leading to a substantial downfall in regions where international student population growth is deemed unsustainable. The restriction will remain in effect for 2 years, with a reassessment planned for 2025.

Immigration Minister Miller also expressed concerns about certain private institutions taking advantage of international students. He cited several issues such as under-resourced campuses, lack of student support, high tuition fees, and a significant increase in international student intake. 

He stated, "It's unacceptable that some private institutions have taken advantage of international students by operating under-resourced campuses, lacking support for students and charging high tuition fees all the while significantly increasing their intake of international students."

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