India-origin Radha Iyengar Plumb gets Significant Post in America

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Plumb is currently serving as Chief of Staff to the Deputy Defense Minister

Radha Iyengar Plumb

WASHINGTON: The United States (US) Senate has confirmed the appointment of national security expert Radha Iyengar Plumb as Deputy Under Secretary of the Department of Defense for Acquisition and Maintenance Affairs.

She is the latest Indian-American to be appointed to a top post by President Joe Biden's administration. President Biden nominated Plumb for the prestigious post in June 2022. She is currently serving as Chief of Staff to the Deputy Defense Minister.

"The Senate confirmed the nomination of Radha Iyengar Plumb as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense by a vote of 68 to 30," the US Senate tweeted on Tuesday.

Notably, Plumb served as senior economist at the RAND Corporation where she focused on improving evidence and evaluation of preparedness and security efforts at the Department of Defense.

She has held several senior positions on national security issues at the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, and the White House National Security Council. According to information provided by the White House, Plumb holds a PhD and masters in economics from Princeton University and a bachelor's degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.