FBI Report Reveals Disturbing Surge in Hate Crimes: Sikhs Most Targeted Group

Rozana Spokesman

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Religious Hate Crimes Rise by 17%, Sparking Concern Over Safety & Tolerance

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WASHINGTON: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has unveiled its annual report on hate crime statistics for 2022, shedding light on the concerning state of hate crimes in the United States. The Report underscores a distressing trend as it reveals that the number of victims of hate crimes has surged, marking the highest figure ever recorded and a 7 percent increase from the previous year.

The Most startling revelation from the report is the drastic increase in victims of religiously motivated hate crimes, showing a staggering 17 percent rise from 2021. Among these victims, Sikhs stand out as the most targeted group for hate violence, with a reported 198 cases in the year 2022.

Examining other religions, the report disclosed 1,217 anti-Jewish hate crimes, 200 anti-Islam hate crimes, and 29 anti-Hindu hate crimes across the country. It is noteworthy that in 2015, the FBI, following advocacy efforts by the Sikh Coalition, began collecting data on various categories of religiously motivated hate crimes, which encompass anti-Sikh, anti-Hindu, and others.

The Alarming statistics have sent shockwaves through communities and advocacy groups, who are deeply concerned about the safety and well-being of those affected. The surge in hate crimes raises questions about tolerance, inclusivity, and the need for a concerted effort to combat these disturbing trends.