Canadian PM Trudeau Expresses Concern Over Diplomatic Immunity Revocation in India

Rozana Spokesman

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Canada's Prime Minister Criticizes Indian Government for Endangering Diplomats, Disrupting Millions of Lives 

Canadian PM Trudeau & Indian PM Modi

NEW-DELHI/TORONTO: Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has voiced deep concern over the recent diplomatic developments between Canada and India, expressing worry for the millions of people of Indian and Canadian descent whose lives may be disrupted. In a press conference held in Brampton, Trudeau criticized the Indian government's actions, which led to the revocation of diplomatic immunity for 41 Canadian diplomats and their 42 dependents.

PM Trudeau emphasized that the Indian government's decision is causing undue complications for both countries and goes against the fundamental principles of diplomacy. He particularly referenced the millions of Punjabis living in Canada, expressing his concern for their well-being and safety amid the ongoing diplomatic tensions.

The Remarks from Trudeau come in the wake of his decision to recall 41 Canadian diplomats and their dependents from India as a response to India's diplomatic immunity revocation statement. Canada's Foreign Minister, Melanie Joly, confirmed that India had, unilaterally and unethically, withdrawn diplomatic immunity for all but 21 Canadian diplomats and their dependents in Delhi by October 20, without prior formal notice.

This sudden change left 41 Canadian diplomats and their 42 dependents vulnerable, as their diplomatic immunity was revoked on an arbitrary date. Trudeau and his government have accused the Indian government of violating the Vienna Convention, which outlines the rules and standards for diplomatic relations between countries.