Tragedy Strikes as Bus Catches Fire in Pakistan, Leaving Over 20 Dead

Rozana Spokesman

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Injured Victims have been Admitted to Nearby Hospitals for Treatment 

Bus Catches Fire

ISLAMABAD: A Devastating incident unfolded in Pakistan's Punjab province as a bus en-route to Karachi from Islamabad caught fire in Pindi Bhattian city on a fateful Sunday morning. The horrifying accident has claimed the lives of more than 15 individuals, while 7 others have sustained injuries. The bus, which was reportedly carrying over 40 passengers, was engulfed in flames, resulting in a grim loss of life.

Eyewitnesses shared a image of the bus consumed by fire, underscoring the severity of the incident that occurred during its journey. According to police reports, the bus had been speeding when it collided with a pickup van loaded with a substantial amount of diesel. The impact of the collision led to an immediate ignition, transforming the scene into a blazing inferno.

The tragedy unfolded in Pindi Bhatti, where the bus was en route to its destination in Karachi. The bus had reached this point when disaster struck, leaving little time for escape as the flames rapidly consumed the vehicle. The immediate cause of the fire was attributed to the collision with the fuel-laden pickup van, creating a volatile environment that resulted in a catastrophic blaze.

Authorities have confirmed that more than 15 lives were lost in this heart-wrenching incident, and the injured victims have been admitted to nearby hospitals for treatment. The accident has left the nation in shock, highlighting the urgent need for improved safety measures and vigilant driving practices to prevent such devastating accidents.