Pakistan Allegedly Sold Arms to Ukraine for IMF Bailout, Denies Accusations

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Controversial Report Claims Pakistan's Secret Arms Deal Facilitated Critical IMF Assistance

Mumtaz Zahra Baloch

ISLAMABAD: In a Controversial Revelation, Pakistan has been accused of selling arms to the United States for use in Ukraine, purportedly playing a pivotal role in securing a crucial bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The startling claims are based on internal documents from both Pakistan and the US government, as reported by the online investigative platform Intercept.

The Alleged arms sales were purportedly intended to supply the Ukrainian military, suggesting Pakistan's involvement in a conflict where it faces pressure from the US to take sides. Pakistan's Foreign Office Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch swiftly dismissed the report by the American non-profit newspaper organization as 'baseless and fabricated.' Baloch stated that Pakistan, grappling with financial strain, had indeed provided arms to the US, aligning with a successful IMF negotiation for a three-billion-US-dollar deal by the end of June, thus averting lapses in payment.

While facing the ongoing crisis between Russia and Ukraine, Pakistan has grappled with a delicate balancing act in its relations with the US and Russia. Baloch emphasized that Pakistan's collaboration with the IMF aimed to implement necessary economic reforms, strongly asserting the country's stance of 'strict neutrality' in the Russia-Ukraine dispute, denying any arms or ammunition provision.

During his visit to Pakistan in July, Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba denied reports suggesting Islamabad's arms supply to Ukraine. Former Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari echoed this sentiment, affirming that Pakistan had not entered into any military supply agreements with Ukraine since the onset of the conflict.

Earlier reports also hinted at Pakistan establishing a covert trading company in Warsaw to streamline arms supply to Ukraine. In April, a Ukrainian commander mentioned receiving rockets from various countries, including Pakistan, although Pakistani officials vehemently refuted these claims.

Notably, The IMF provided Pakistan with 1.2 billion US dollars in July, forming part of a larger program to extend three billion US dollars over nine months, aimed at stabilizing Pakistan's beleaguered economy. The allegations of arms sales, if substantiated, may have significant repercussions on Pakistan's diplomatic standing and its relationship with key international players.