Dawood Ibrahim Poisoned! Hospitalized in Karachi

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Underworld don's health triggers speculation; reports of poisoning unconfirmed

Dawood Ibrahim Latest News

Dawood Ibrahim Latest News: In a development that has raised eyebrows and fueled speculation, notorious underworld figure Dawood Ibrahim has been admitted to a hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, due to a serious health complication. While social media has been abuzz with unverified claims of poisoning, there is no official confirmation of such allegations, according to sources close to the situation.

Dawood Ibrahim, the mastermind behind various criminal activities, including the infamous 1993 Mumbai bombings, was hospitalized two days ago. Sources reveal that stringent security measures have been implemented, with Dawood being the sole occupant of his hospital floor. Access is restricted to top hospital authorities and close family members, maintaining a cloak of secrecy around the circumstances of his health.

The Mumbai Police are actively seeking information regarding Dawood's hospitalization, reaching out to his relatives, Alishah Parkar and Sajid Wagle. Earlier this year, Haseena Parker's son, Dawood's sister, informed the National Investigating Agency (NIA) that the underworld figure resides in Karachi after entering into his second marriage.

The NIA, in a previously filed chargesheet, asserted that Dawood Ibrahim and his key associates wield significant influence over Karachi airport in Pakistan. The current hospitalization adds a layer of mystery to the notorious figure's already secretive life, prompting heightened interest and concern among law enforcement agencies and the public alike. As the situation unfolds, authorities remain tight-lipped about the specifics of Dawood's health condition. 

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