Israeli Air Strike Hits Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza; Over 500 Feared Dead Amid Escalating Conflict

Rozana Spokesman

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Conflict Intensifies: Israel Denies Responsibility, Hamas Labels the Attack as Genocide

Gaza Hospital Attack

GAZA: The Ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has escalated to a more aggressive level over the past 10 days, with the situation taking a grim turn as the Israeli military reportedly conducted an air attack on Al Ahli hospital in Gaza. Tragically, it is estimated that more than 500 people lost their lives in this devastating incident.

Hamas has vehemently condemned the attack, labeling it as genocide orchestrated by Israel. However, Israel has denied any involvement in the airstrike, asserting that the incident was a result of a misfire from a Hamas rocket.

On the contrary, Hamas insists that the Israeli military targeted Al Ahli Hospital, the last Christian hospital in the Gaza Strip, located in central Gaza. Gaza's Ministry of Health has confirmed that the Israeli army conducted an airstrike on the Al Ahli Arab Baptist Hospital late in the evening, resulting in a significant loss of lives. Notably, The international community closely monitors the evolving situation, calling for a peaceful resolution to the conflict and urging both parties to exercise restraint.