Israel Launches Airstrikes in Southern Gaza, Civilian Casualties Reported

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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Israeli Military Targets Hamas Extremists Following Recent Attacks

Israel Launches Airstrikes

GAZA: In a recent escalation of tensions, Israel conducted airstrikes on various areas in southern Gaza, focusing on targeting Hamas extremists, following prior attacks by Hamas on Israel. The Israeli military had urged Palestinians to evacuate the targeted areas in anticipation of a possible ground offensive. The attacks have unfortunately resulted in a significant loss of lives.

Israel had imposed restrictions on the supply of essential resources such as water, fuel, and grain to Gaza in response to the previous Hamas attack. As aid groups and hospitals in the region strive to provide relief to distressed civilians, the situation remains dire. Amid these circumstances, US President Joe Biden is slated to visit the region, engaging with world leaders to prevent the conflict from escalating into a broader regional crisis.

Furthermore, violence erupted along Israel's border with Lebanon, where Hezbollah militants, backed by Iran, are active. Clashes were reignited after an anti-tank missile was fired from Lebanon into Israel. This unfortunate event has exacerbated an already tense situation, highlighting the urgent need for peace and stability in the region.

The United Nations Human Rights Office expressed deep concern over civilian casualties resulting from the military strikes in southern Gaza, emphasizing the necessity for caution and the minimization of casualties during military operations. The blockade and airstrikes in Gaza have had a devastating impact, resulting in a significant number of casualties and displacements, with civilians, including children, bearing the brunt of the conflict.