Yasin Malik's Wife Takes Ministerial Role in Pakistani Caretaker Government

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Individuals with dual citizenship are eligible to serve as Advisers

Yasin Malik & Wife

ISLAMABAD: In a recent announcement by Acting Prime Minister of Pakistan, Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar, the composition of the cabinet was revealed, including the induction of 16 ministers and 3 advisers. Among the newly appointed advisers is the renowned senior journalist, Murtaza Solangi. Notably, Mushal Hussain Malik, the wife of Yasin Malik, a prominent separatist leader hailing from Kashmir, has been appointed as a Special Adviser to the Prime Minister. This move has drawn attention due to her Pakistani origin and her connection with Yasin Malik, who is currently imprisoned on charges related to terror funding.

As per Pakistan's constitutional provisions, individuals with dual citizenship are eligible to serve as advisers, though they cannot hold full-time ministerial positions. Mushal Hussain Malik, who holds both Pakistani and British citizenships, will assume the role of Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Human Rights within the cabinet. The decision to appoint her aligns with the country's efforts to strengthen its human rights initiatives.

It's noteworthy that Yasin Malik, the separatist leader, and Mushal Hussain married in 2009. Their relationship led to the birth of their daughter, Razia Sultana, who is currently 10 years old. Razia Sultana resides with her mother in Pakistan, while her father remains incarcerated.

Notably, Yasin Malik's arrest in early 2019 stems from a 2017 terror funding case registered by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). Subsequently, in May of the following year, a Delhi court sentenced him to life imprisonment in connection with the terror funding case.