9 People Died, Several Missing due to Heavy Rains in Italy

Rozana Spokesman

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Incessant Rains has affected many areas of the Italian province of Emilia Romagna


MILAN (Daljit Makkar): The bad weather that has been going on for the past several days in Italy is becoming a threat to life for the people of Emilia Romagna province. As per the reports, at least 9 people had died and several are missing amid heavy Rains in Italy.

According to the information received, the incessant rains has affected many areas of the Italian province of Emilia Romagna. The rain water has taken the form of a flood and so far this flood has claimed the lives of 9 people while many people have been swept away by the raging water. The heavy rain water which is being poured at the rate of 300 mm (12 inches) filled many areas of the state in a few moments, due to which the villages and the streets of the cities are flooded.

The local people are locked in their houses and cannot go anywhere. Heavy rain water has affected the banks of 23 rivers of the state to a large extent and the water of these rivers has reached the residential areas while 20 others River water is above danger level. The area of Forli Cesena and Ravenna is said to be the most affected by this flood, where 10,000 affected people have been rescued by relief workers so far.

Notably, Reports said that about 50,000 houses are without electricity and thousands of people's mobile phones are switched off. People are helpless to face the big problem. 24 cities are largely affected. The weather department has asked the people to refrain from going out of their houses so that no one gets hurt due to the flow of water.