President Biden Announces Visit to Israel Amid Ongoing Israel-Hamas Conflict

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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US President to Engage with Israeli Officials, Expresses Concern as Conflict Enters 11th Day


WASHINGTON: In the midst of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, President Joe Biden revealed plans for an imminent visit to Israel on October 18. This announcement followed extensive talks held with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and officials, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. As the conflict escalates, President Biden aims to engage with Israeli authorities to assess the dire situation and extend support.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, during a special session in Israel's Parliament (Knesset), issued a strong warning not only to Hamas but also to Hezbollah and Iran. He framed the current conflict as a battle between light and darkness, underscoring Israel's determination to protect its territory. The Israeli army has completed preparations for a ground operation, awaiting government authorization, potentially influenced by the upcoming visit of President Biden.

Israel's response to attacks from Gaza, which began on October 7, has included sustained air raids and a decision to enter Gaza to target Hamas commanders. The toll of the conflict continues to rise, with the Gaza government reporting 254 casualties between Sunday and Monday, bringing the total to 2,808 deaths and 10,850 injuries. Alarmingly, a significant proportion of the casualties are women and children, emphasizing the human cost of the conflict.